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ski length for AC4

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I am a new member to epic ski and have found the information here great. Thank you all for giving it. I have a question on what length of Volkl AC4 I should buy.
Background info: I am 36 yrs old. Live in Northern UT. I am a level 8/9 skier. I am 5'10" 210 lbs, athletic and ski fairly aggressivley. My current skis are Atomic R:11 180cm and Sugar Daddys 173cm. Past skis atomic r:11 170cm.
I demoed the AC4s along with the Nordica Top Fuel Nitrous on Sat and have now decided I need the AC4s.
The tech at the local shop says I should be on the 170s. The size I demoed were the 177cm, which were excellent, the 170s wre not available for demo. Is there much of a difference between the two? I ski powder and crud when available but also enjoy the bumps whenever I can find some that havn't been ruined by snowboarders. I also enjoy making fast gs turns on groomers when it gets icy. I have a somewhat of an old school style and like quick turns but do not want to give up any stability at higher speeds. I am thinking of selling my r11s and sugar daddys and using the AC4s as my one ski quiver. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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Keep the Sugar Daddy's and get the AC4's in 170cm.
If you sell the Daddy's you may want to get the AC4 in 177cm. Your weight is what is making me say that.

I'm 188lbs 5'11" and have the AC4 in 170cm with PCOS.
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