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SLC vs Lake Tahoe Skiing

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We're debating on where to go for our annual guys ski trip. I think we've narrowed it down to SLC and LT. The trip is planned for either Feb. 8-14 or Feb. 23-28. They will be 3-4 of us going. We all want and like to ski steeps, trees, and bumps. We've all skied Alta, SB, and the Canyons in Utah on numerous occasions, but none of us has ever the skied the Lake Tahoe area. We're looking for something new, or is SLC the best thing going?

What are the pro's & con's on LT skiing?

Which ski areas or resorts in LT would you recommend for more advanced skiing?

Where would you ski, SLC or LT? and why?
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Guy trip suggests that some apres ski action would be interesting. I suggest LT (and Reno) has SLC down on that one.
On the skiing the snow tends to be heavier and it sticks to steeper slopes in LT (this is a generalization). Conversely lighter snow is nice.
Steeps at LT can be found (easily) at Squaw and Rose. Then there's Alpine and Sugar Bowl. At South Shore you have to go to Kirkwood for steeps.
LT resorts are further away, generally, from Reno than Utah resorts from SLC. LT resorts are busier on a Sunday than the equivalent SLC ones.
It's all good.
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Since I live in the Salt Lake area and ski in Tahoe every couple of years I'll give this a shot. The bottom line is, since you are "looking for something new", I would give Tahoe a shot. You certainly will find plenty of steeps, trees and bumps in the Tahoe area. Like SLC, there are a lot of ski areas fairly close to one another. I have only skied Squaw, Alpine, Northstar, Mt Rose, Incline and Heavenly. Squaw, Alpine and Heavenly have a whole lot of really good advanced terrain. Mt Rose is a much smaller mountain but also has some high quality advanced terrain. I will let the local experts fill you in on the rest.

Cons: The snow is generally denser (less fluffy) and many areas would be more prone to rain or thawing since the base elevations are a little lower in many cases. Weekend crowding is probably a slightly bigger issue also.
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unfortunately, few have as much as close as slc, but you have so many within 30 miles its hard to complain(kirkwood a little farther).
squaw,rose-chutes, heavenly-motts canyon,alpine+ a drive to kirkwood should be plenty. i'd think south lake tahoe would be a great guys trip. not to expensive, casinos and a couple of bars close; but you never know.
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I've skied both places twice. I'm not going to recommend one over the other, had a great time at both. But if you've only skied SLC, definately go to LT. SLC has the light snow, LT has the lake. You may say your only interested in the skiing---until you see the views. You won't regret it. Have fun!
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My work is in SLC, my home in LT. My home mountain LT, my visiting mountains SLC. Oh, and my wife is in SLC right now, and I'm in LT. Go figure : Not that it helps the selection of where to ski
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Can't go wrong with either.
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Athough I'm a Utah homer, if you haven't been to Lake Tahoe, you owe it to yourself to go there. Some other notes to consider in addition to what's already been mentioned:

- None of the resorts have a resort village. Choose instead the casino areas, which needless to say will cover all your entertainment needs.

- If a warm storm arrives while you are there, go high to Mt. Rose & Kirkwood.

- Avoid Squaw on the Weekends.

- Choose some of lesser known areas too. Sugar Bowl, Mt. Rose. You won't be disappointed.

- Fly in & out of Reno w/ Southwest. Very ecconomical.

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Might depend on if you intend to stay at a resort or in the nearby city.

SLC has the advantage of stying near the city and easily skiing all 7 areas. Not so easy with Reno / LT.

One option though: Stay in south lake tahoe as noted above. Heavenly is closest and a good mtn (huge) but not very steep (except a few relatively small areas like Motts). However, the trees are great all over the mtn.

Then for at least 1 day, use the bus / boat package to go to Squaw. Bus leaves from south lake in early am and goes to Squaw. (You get to see the Ponderosa on the way - toast to Hoss.) Ski Squaw and then the bus will take you to dock to ride riverboat (drink and eat dinner) back to south lake.

I enjoyed the terrain much more at Squaw but the Heavenly area is larger with nightlife, etc.
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