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Headed out to Breckenridge on 1/06/06 for a quick weekend trip as my wife was on a biz trip to Denver. Packed in the backpack was a Napolean Dynamite statue about 6" tall. He had been kidnapped from the desk of a collegue. Rumor has it that this particular Napolean Dynamite has been to the Australian Outback and to the Baja peninsuala of Mexico. Now he has skied the steeps and bowls and double black diamond glades of Beaver Creek. (Will see about photos later.)

It was to be 65 F in Denver on 1/06/06 and we heard on the snow report that Breck had received 6" of snow the day before. We left Denver downtown @ 7 AM and enjoyed the blue bird drive out to Breck. We saw the heard of Buffalo along I-70 and then just outside of Idaho Springs we saw several groups of Big Horn sheep on the cliff sides. We arrived into Breck at 8:30 AM and then parked at the condo on 4 O'clock Rd. Put on our ski gear and headed to the snowflake lift at 9AM. Taking the advise of the Bears, we worked our way over to Peak 10. We made a few warm up laps on Peak 9 first, skiing down the groomers of Cashier and Columbia riding the Mercury Lift. After enjoying the nice groomers we took Upper Lehman over to the Falcon Chair. The wind was blowing on Peak 10 but I wanted to sample the wind blown along the Burn. My wife really liked the groomers on Peak 10, she even sampled Cimarron and declared it a blue and not a black (it had been groomed.) We made several runs down Peak 10. The snow was very soft and light and the lift line at the Falcon chair was never more than 7-8 minutes. We skiied over to the Mercury chair around 12:30PM and then took the Mercury chair up to the Peak 9 restaurant for lunch. After lunch we took the Peak 8 Super Connect chair and skied a few runs on Peak 8 before calling it a day.

We went into town for dinner and ate at Giampietro's(sp?) and had pizza. The size of the meals there are very large and our pizza would have fed 4 people. After dinner we walked around and looked in a few shops before retiring for the night.

On Saturday we drove out to Beaver Creek with Napolean tucked into my Camelbak. It was another blue bird day. We arrived at 8:30AM and ended up getting turned around trying to find the free parking lot. The attendant at the entrance told us to go left at the flag poles or at least the both of us heard left. We ended up at the main village with $25 parking and just decided to suck it up. We parked put on the boots and headed to Chair 6. There was almost no one on the mountain and the runs were freshly groomed. We made a few runs down Centennial and enjoyed the groomers and fresh corduroy. We then headed over to Larkspur where the sun was in full effect. We skied Larkspur for most of the morning before heading over to Stawberry Park and then back up Chair 6 for lunch at the Saddle. Before lunch I had my right contact lens come out coming down Stawberry. That kind of put a damper on my day but oh well, I can still ski half blind. I usually bring a spare pair of lenses whenever I travel but not this trip. (Lesson learned, always bring a spare.) My wife quit early and I made a few runs of the Birds of Prey lift including following a ski school of little kids into Elk Glade. I could hear them laughing and screaming somwhere off in the trees as I made my way through the trees. A few more runs down runs like Osprey and my quads were toast and it was back to Breck for the evening and some hot tubbing.

On Sunday we got up to see snow falling. We ate breakfast and then packed up and checked-out as we were flying out of DIA at 6:30PM. We were the 3rd ones on the Snowflake lift and then skied down Twister to the CO Rocky Mtn Super Chair. We were first in line and made first chair up. There was about 4-6" on the slopes and it was still snowing pretty hard but the visibility was good. (Even for a half blind man) We made our way over to Northstar and dove in to a clean slate of pow. I have never made 1st tracks ever. I was always the guy who showed up a day late to hear the words, "You should have been here yesterday." Well today I am telling you, you should have been at Breck yesterday. We made three runs down Northstar before I headed up the T-Bar for some nice runs in Horseshoe bowl and over to White Crown but I found the wind blown a bit tough to deal with, especially since I was skiing with one good eye. I made my way over to Imperial and made one run down Imperial along the skiers left and then back into Contest Bowl where the snow was over 12" in a lot of places. I did hit a rock and put a nice gouge along my right ski but that's the price you pay when skiing. I made a few more runs off the T-bar along skiers right through the trees and just loving my Legend 8000's in there first taste of real powder. It was great to be able to ski in untracked powder, something I rarely get the chance to do. I must say I really enjoyed the CO powder, much lighter than what I'm used to skiing in the PNW. Would love to go back this season as I know they will be getting lots more.

We left Breck at 1:20PM and with I-70 at a complete stand still for a good ten minutes we watched a guy in a rear wheel drive Chevy pick up put on some cables. We finally inched along until we got through the tunnel and made our way East. We dropped off the rental and took the shuttle to the Airport, arriving at the terminal at 4PM. Plenty of time for our flight.

We both liked Beaver Creek. The groomers were really nice and to see them grooming during the day is something you don't see at other resorts. All in all it was a great weekend trip. Next on the list is late January in Whistler and it hopefully will still be dumping like it is right now.