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Backcountry shots around SLC

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Just looking for some advice on areas to check out. I'll be staying right by Powder Mtn. Bringing my split and looking for some good spots to go tour. Any info on trails, passes, tours I should look into would be appreciated.
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Powder Mountain has a lot of terrain to explore. Something like 4000+ acres of non- lift served terrain. If you ad up all the acrerage that S B has under it's control it is larger then Vail. Hike out on any ridge fine a a line and drop down. There is a Cat ski operation that you pay for by the ride. The last time I checked it was $7. At the bottom of your run an old school bus will take you back up to PM base area. Snowbasin also has some excellent back country opportunities. You will have to talk to zig zag zion about that area.
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I have been hearing some about Powder Mountain. Now is this terrain that I need to take a lift up then hike out a gate, or is it stuff I can start skinning to? I was just planning on getting it done under my own power. Any trail heads I should be looking for.
Also the snow cat op. Is this after you buy a lift ticket, or can you just hop a ride for $7? Thanks for the info.
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You have to buy a ticket to get the $7 cat rides.
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That is kind of what I thought. How about the pure "earn your turns" stuff?
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pm sent.
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Originally Posted by zion zig zag
pm sent.
Exactly what I needed. Thanks!
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