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Niederau, Austria

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Me and my girlfriend are going skiing in Niederau, Austria, in Februrary (3rd Feb - 10th) and are staying at the Hotel Sonnschein. Can anyone give us any information on what this hotel and resort are like? for example, how close the slopes really are to the hotel, how the snow is around the Niederau area in February, apres ski etc. We found enough info to know its a good place for couples who dont have much previous skiing experience but any extra info will be great. Our ski pass covers 3 mountains, the Niederau, the Oberau and the Auffach but we are not sue how close these mountains are to eachother, which is the best etc.
Any info or personal experiences will be of great help.
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Haven't been there, but I was just checking - it's about 300 yards from the hotel to the gondola.

Auffach is considered the best, the bus there takes 20 minutes...
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