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05 vs 06 Metron M:11

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Can anyone tell me if there are any differences (other than graphics) in this ski from the 04/05 model to this years model? It seems there are great deals available on last years one!!
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No difference at all. The new Neox is lighter (as you likely know), but Phil says that doesn't matter, anyway...
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Is that just the difference in the weight of the binding?
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Yes. The new Neox uses aluminum in the plate instead of last year's steel. It reduced the weight-per-pair by about 1.1 lbs. It was noticable to me when carrying my B5s from the locker room to the slopes at Copper the first couple of times. It may have been a little noticable when blasting through really choppy windslab at Breck, but my own personal jury is still out on that.
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