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transportation around tahoe area

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hi, i think this has been asked before, if so, i apologize. i am flying into reno on sat 1/14 and staying in s. lake tahoe until 1/23, im a newer skier and i'd like to hit greens/easier blues at several resorts, incl. n. shore resorts. never driven in snow, nonetheless, would i be fine to rent a car in reno, drive to s. lake tahoe, and drive to northstar, squaw, kirkwood (probably wont go there), and/or the other resorts, also might go snowmobiling while out there. if i do rent a car, i can rent skis near my hotel and lug them around to the diff resorts, otherwise probably rent at each resort, but that wastes time getting fitted, etc. advice welcome, can i get away with a standard size care (decent rate for a week from reno $125) thanks.
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If you are traveling as a family rent a 4WD. If you are a single or a couple, take the South Tahoe express to your Hotel, and use the shuttles available in the area. If the weather is good and you want to hit the North side resorts rent a car for the day from S Shore. Take the express back to the Airport on Travel day. The South shore is geared towards public transportation, the NorthShore is not.

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If you know the weather is expected to be good during your stay you can get away with a front wheel drive compact and get chains if unexpected weather develops. Otherwise, a 4-wheel drive is much less hassle but more expensive. There are also other transportation alternatives that may fit your needs. I posted one link below but there are many others as well.

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The trouble is that nobody can tell you in advance if the weather is going to be good. We might have a week of perfect sunshine, we might get a massive winter storm, we most likely will get something in between.

Last Saturday, the access road to Alpine Meadows was in frozen mode, with at least 7 cars who learned (too late) that the "chains or 4WD required" sign at the bottom was actually there for a reason. None of them seemed to be having fun after sliding sideways across the road, then putting chains on where they got stuck, while a line of cars weaved between them in order to reach the ski area. Even if they had done it right, they would have had to stop at the base of the access road, and spend the time it takes to mount chains. Without practice doing this, you might end up writing off another 15-20 minutes of your morning. This also assumes that your rental came with chains in the first place.

The best bet is to rent your skis in Reno (usually way cheaper), use the money you save to rent a Subaru.

I have to add: 4WD is great for getting up hills, but does nothing to help your car stop. No matter what you rent, be sure to slow down if the roads are slick, and try to avoid the people who will whizz past you on their way to the accident they are about to cause.

Enjoy your trip - our snowpack is finally in good shape!
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thanks to everyone so far for their replies, i got a cheap rate on my motel, so i can afford to spend extra and get a 4WD, coz i want to hit 4-5 of the resorts. now, any ideas where i should look for cheap lift tickets less than 1 week before i hit tahoe (must...ski...now!!)
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