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How is Monarch?

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Thinking of heading to Monarch this weekend. Wolf Creek still looks to be pretty thin and I don't really want to drive 7-8 hours to get to Summit or WP. Never skied Monarch and don't know if you can believe their website snow report. Heard they have new hike-to terrain open. Anyone been there recently? Thanks.
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I've been touring on the pass this year. Jan 2nd actually. The snow conditions are really good down there. Not quite as much as on Berthoud Pass, but not very far behind. Monarch ski area is a nice little overlooked resort that you should have a good time at. Check out the lodge for ski and stay deals. Then check out what you can get lift tix's for and the motel prices in Salida. Usually one or the other is a much cheaper option. The lodge tends to be a little more pricey for food and drinks and such.
Mirkwood Basin is the new hike to area, and it's supposed to be pretty good.
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Thanks. I'll report back next week.
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I just got back from skiing up there yesterday. The coverage was great and the snow was soft. We made the hike and skied Mirkwood twice. There were nice freshies on Elation Ridge.

We left Santa Fe at 5:30 a.m on Sunday morning and were skiing at 9:30 - spent the night in Salida and left there at 6:00 this morning. It's not noon yet and I'm back at work. The drive was well worth the excellent conditions.
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My wife and I spent three days there in mid December and it was more than we expected. Sure the lifts are slower, but the longest we waited in a line was probably 45 seconds. The snow was great then and could only be better now. We stayed at the lodge. It is stuck in the 1980's but was clean, comfortable and five minutes from the slopes. The new owners are making improvements.

The food and drinks at the hill are cheap and very good. The people are friendly and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Even on a Saturday you can have runs all to your self. I skied many runs from top to bottom and did not come within 100 yards of another skier! We did not hike Mirkwood (not that good of skiers) but skied Gino's glades and had a blast. I say go and have fun.
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