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Help with SKI choice

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Hi folks- I'm hoping someone can help with a dilemma. I have been demoing skis of late and have narrowed down my list to 2 skis: Head iC180 and Head iXRC.

Here is the problem: I wasn't able to try different lengths so I skied the iC180 in 163 and iXRC in 172. Both were stable, smooth, versatile and a lot of fun.

Given my stats, what ski and length would you recommend? What do I give up/gain by going shorter or longer?

37 yrs old
5'-9 1/2"
eastern skiing on hard/ice/groomed
Level 7, and getting into refining technique

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I am 5'6", 155, probably level 6-7 and just purchased the IC200 in 163 after demo. Also tried Atomic C9 and C11 in 170. I much preferred the shorter Head with its more extreme sidecut, shorter length and wider shovel,especially in less groomed conditions in the PM.A great carving ski, but they really let you know when they are ready to move on to the next turn. I have tried wider waist skis, but this style worked for me in the Western blue slope conditions I normally ski.
Also, there are some great deals out there now, picked mine up for 50% off.
Good luck
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I would think the 172cm ski would seem short to turn to you. IMO you would be happier on the 163cm. That's not knowing the waiste on either of these skis. For someone level 7 I would think you'd like something with a 65-68 waist, and stay in the 165cm (area) length. If you get new skis now, do your self a favor and take a lesson with them.
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Originally posted by TerrapinSKI:
Given my stats, what ski and length would you recommend?
Try the head website for their recommendation.
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You may want to call Head customer service. I found them very helpful in ski and size recommendations. The IC180 will not come up on their ski selector anymore since it is being dropped from the line. Interestingly, you can input groomed slope, moderate speed and it will recommend the ISL slalom race ski.
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What Head recommends is 160-170. Not a lot of help in my case really. Thought I would throw it out for other Bears' opinions.
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