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Dang, last time I ran NASTAR was like, 1977. Have a hatful of silvers and one bronze. What would work best, a 204 K2 710 or a 170 Dynastar MPI? Would I kill myself on the Dynastars? Or should I wait until I get new sticks next year, cuz I'd be skidding my turns with the oldies? I haven't gone that fast in quite a while. I'd need some practice time.

Last of all, what kind of finish would it take to actually have a positive impact on the standings?
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Looks Like we've moved up to 116th place.......
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Well done gang. We've moved up over 400 places just like that. :

http://www.nastar.com/index.jsp?page... picSki+Bears

A few new names in the points I see. John V., is that you in 4th,,, are you a new addition? And congrats to Janis Williams (Little Tiger) who has added her name and rocketed right into 5th for the team. Her racing has come along quite well. And who is that Warren Williams dude. And finally,,, where are all our Epic pros? Come on guys and gals, the students are bearing all the load here,,, JUMP IN AND HELP US!!!!

Next stop, DOUBLE DIGITS. Still a few weeks left to do it. :
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Rick, where are you in there? I looked up how the scoring works, and it turns out yous guys need to race and kick me out of the points.

Teams are scored based on a team point average. Team members score points for their team based on the best handicap they earn during the season. Only the top point gainers from each team will be used to score points for their team (6 for Family/Friends Teams, 15 for Resort Teams, 15 for Club Teams). The number of team points earned by these top point gainers are added together and divided by the number of top point gainers (6 or 15) to get the Team Score.

I ran a couple laps at Whiteface on SL skis while waiting for a friend. I don't know if I'll have a chance to go to a NASTAR venue this year where I can run on GS skis and actually improve my points...IIRC Taos is kinda hard in that regard. This competitor's results for this year illustrate that:


So, in short, someone who has a NASTAR course nearby...get out there and make a couple laps. Doesn't cost much, its fun, and the team needs you.
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Garret, that photo in your NASTAR profile...you look like Bode man...good job!
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oh geez, forgot about that photo...i should have a better picture, but running gates is really rare for me unfortunately.

I think you should get out there and run a couple more days this year man.
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I'm trying. We're supposed to be getting more snow this weekend at Hunter and Killington. But right now no friends or family want to go.

I tested by scores in with the Epic Bears team, but I only ranked in 9th place so it didnt affect the overall team score, so I took them back out.

I am pretty confident that I can get some golds this season if I had more chances to run, problem is getting to the snow.
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We're out at Big Sky right now and we may run NASTAR today.See if I can get a lower handicap on an actual NASTAR course-all my handicaps are from beer league courses with dubious pacesetting. Let's see how Snoop Daddys can do in a race course..............
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Get after it John. You can slay it on those skis.
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... how much longer can results be added and matter? I haven't been in gates all year and, while Nastar doesn't really count, I'll be in utah the first week in march and it might be fun to get on a course, especially if I have an excuse!
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Sorry folks....we got a bunch of snow and tree skiing took priority over NASTAR.........
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Glytch, results count for as long as NASTAR runs through the season.

Garrett,,,, where am I in there? Where's Waldo? Look hard. I have contributed, just hard to find. Plan on making a more visible showing soon. Looks like you hit a tough place for snagging a good handicap. You need to get out here to Colorado.

John V, I see your skis have a 22m radius? Depending on the course set they may work fine. But if they set tight it may be tough,,, you may have to toss them sideways.

Still calling all our Epic pros to join in here. Don't you Rockies folks have to do NASTAR for certification anyway?
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Rick...thanks for your comments. I'll try to get in a couple of runs today, but the course is waay on one side of the mountain, and we'll probably be skiing on the other side. Hate to say it, but skiing powder and trees takes precedence over running gates, especially when you're from Upstate NY. I can try to get over over to Swain and get in a run or two when we get back.

If I get to run today, the Snoops should be fine. The 174s are 20.5 and will carve well if you pressure the tip.
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I'll be giving this a shot the next time I'm at Wachusett. Unfortunately, they don't have the NASTAR course open at night.

That, and I'm probably pretty bad. :P
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OK, I got in a couple of runs.According to the not the sharpest knife in the drawer kid at the bottom,I got a platinum with a 12 something handicap on the second run. Should help a little until some good racers join the team. No sure how soon the results will be up though-they seem to be pretty slow..........
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Not sure I'll be of much help, but I just joined the team.

I'll be doing some Nastar during LGCIV http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=57271
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Still calling all our Epic pros to join in here. Don't you Rockies folks have to do NASTAR for certification anyway?
NASTAR for certification is only for the PSIA-RM alpine folks. We don't need it for snowboard.
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OK, I finally got a chance to do some NASTAR racing and have made my contribution to our team. We've now moved up to 55th place out of 3800 teams. :

http://www.nastar.com/index.jsp?page... picSki+Bears

Well done all, we've improved over 400 spots since we began the push! Still a week of NASTAR left out here in Colorado, can we move up a bit more? Perhaps our LGC gang will throw in some stellar results on our speed day at Breck. Little Tiger says she expects someone to bump her out of the points.
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My wife hasn't posted here, but she does have some NASTAR results. Would it be appropriate to add her to the team? Can she be on more than one team - she's on a Biz league team (Over the hill gang) now?

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Yes, it would be appropriate to add her to the epic team, and we would love to have her come aboard

There are 2 types of teams, family and friends teams, and club teams. You can only be a member of one in each category.

This Epic team is in the friends and family category.
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Made the change, hope it helps. I'm not sure if the other team (OHG) is as avid about the results, but hopefully it won't change their standings. Still one more race at A-Basin this Sunday, but I don't know if they add it in as NASTAR or not. They did for Kevin's Funracer, so who knows.
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Hey John, it sure did make an impact on our standings. Congrats to both you and Tammy for a successful NASTAR season, and thanks for helping out the Epic team. Your contribution helped drop us to 30th place out of almost 4000 teams nation wide. : Sets a worthy milestone to shoot to beat next season. Perhaps next season some of our Pros will jump in to help too.

I see you both qualified for Nationals. Did you go?
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No, we didn't go this year. Our kids (J5 and J6) had their championships at two different mountains that same weekend. I've got a feeling it's only going to get worse :-). We've been in the past,though, and had a great time!
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It's a new season
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Well, I've signed up, but doubt I'll make it across the pond this season. If I do I'll make sure to get a lap in.
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I'm in Rick! Doubt I'll be much help unless you get participation points but I'll try.
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OK now, this is a real question... no ball busting, really. My mountain uses the nastar course for our weekly ski school race, so I have spent a bit of time in it. I got registered and handicap'd? for a few runs because the mountain wanted me to have a baseline for possible pace setting or something, I dunno... anyways, I checked the site and I have five runs registered with a handicap of 15.11. Is this any good? I don't really know anything about how the system works. Does this mean i'm in the 15th percentile, or that I'm 15 seconds slower than god? It's always been my impression that a course as flat and straight as Nastar is faster on a flat ski, agreed? It all comes down to how good your push at the start is, how low your tuck is, and wax, right? That's at least my impression...
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I just listed yall as my fam n friends team, should be able to help out I run the nastar program here at the Butte, paceset 4/5 days a week but jump in as a racer a bunch. As a plus I will be offering free nastar every tuesday for everyone, or if anyone is comming this way I'd be glad comp some free runs just give me a heads up.
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Any chance we can change from Family/Friends to Club? We use our F/F team for our actual team races, but I'd gladly change my club team from MSRT to Epic (we do have more than 15 people now, right?).
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I'm in. I'll hit some gates if I get to Sugar on a day when they have it.
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