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New Ski Advice Needed Please

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I keep up with the posts here when I can, and am very impressed with what I could learn (if only I got up into the mountains more often to apply) from the regular contributors! It is a great source of info. Any recommendations or reminders I could get from anyone would be very much appreciated.

Dimensions: 31 y.o., 6’-6”, 235 lbs
Environment: West Coast skier, specifically Mammoth, Heavenly, Alpine, Whistler, Squaw, Hood, and Bachelor. I will be relocating to London in a month, for 2 years.
Gear: Currently on 205cm Olin XMT’s (’91!!), in Salomon Force 9’s. Would like to try out some boards this season and buy next summer or fall. New boots this season.
Skills: Lifelong skier, although I missed a few seasons in the early 2000’s. Confident/adventurous intermediate (looking at Manus’s chart, a solid 8). Enjoy making turns approaching GS radii and speed when on the groomed. On the steeps, cut up, and crud I like to get in a rhythm of (almost) jump turns. I generally do not hunt down powder. Love spring corn.
Terrain: Generally a groomer to warm up… then to the steeps, bowls, or canyons for the rest of the morning. Then some groomers but mostly off trail crud, bumps, or lift lines in the afternoon. From memory, recently I liked to ski the following runs… Milkyway Bowl, Motts, North bowl, Ellie’s, Dipper Bowl (Heavenly). D6, D7, D8, North Peril, Scotts Chute, all Lakeview runs, High Yellow Face and Gully, Sherwood lift line, icebar at 3pm (Alpine). Cornice, Dave’s, Scotty, Lift 5 runs, Solitude, Santiago Bowl, Panorama (Mammoth). Blackcomb Glacier.

Concerns: I use the first few days on the slopes to get in ski shape. Not (yet…) learned in the new/carving technique. Not as strong as I used to be… want my knees to stay healthy.
Desires: Want a pair of skis to last another 10 years of intermittent to active ski seasons, in both Europe and the USA.
What I have heard/read: Head XRC, Fischer AMC 70(?), 6/5/Allstar/Superspeed, Atomic ST:11 (all +175cm). Recommended qualities I need in a ski, torsionally(sp?) rigid and I can get away with a longer length.

I will be in Whistler for a week soon, so I will rent/demo then… maybe I will get the new boots before then too! Any names for a good rental shop there?

Have a good one!

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All the skis you mention are fairly narrow waisted which will shine on the groomers but will be lacking somewhat in the off trail where you spend most of your time. This normally speaks to a wider ski in the 78-80mm range.

OTH, since you don't seek out deep snow too often, you may be well served with a ski in the 74-76mm range. A revised list IMO would include Nordica Modified (178), Fischer AMC 76 (176 or 182) Salomon Scrambler Hot (182) Volkl AC-3 (177 or 184)

If you do decide to go for a wider ski than these, then most of the models mentioned have wider brothers.

I might suggest you go to the following link and check out the categories and how I explain them. These are only my opinions, but might be a good starting point to rethinking the type of ski that will suit you best.


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Volkl AC3... one of the best "transition" skis available, IMO. I would not recommend the AMC series, FWIW.
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Get your boots first. Normally I'd recommend buying near where you normally ski/live but since you're going to London soon it doesn't matter. If you could get up to mammoth before you went to whistler go to Footloose sports and get fitted for boots. Then rent some skis and take a lesson after some mileage. Length? 175 ish ?

It's going to feel odd on skis that only come up to your chin...
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