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On another note, at what positions do you mount your bindings to?

i thought i heard somewhere that the forward position was for riding in the park, center/neutral was for all mountain. what is the rear position for?
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I was told by the shop the rear position is good for deep powder days, something I rarely see here in NY...

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thanks for the info!

I am going to Utah this weekend so maybe I will have a chance to give a try.
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Where can you get the base/rails of this binding?

I just received a set of railflex 12 bindings (not railflex 2) that i bought cheaply at backcountry.com

I asked them to throw in the base as well as I plan to have them installed on my Karmas - and they said they probably would.

Well I should have seen this coming- the binding arrived without the bases - so I have the skis and the bindings but not the base to join them together.

Any ideas where can I buy just the base for the railflex 1?

anyone know of a shop in Sydney/Jindabyne that can do this for me?
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Originally Posted by verloc
Any ideas where can I buy just the base for the railflex 1?
Here is one on eBay Germany: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=8791601872
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same thing happened to me.

just call them up and speak to customer support. they should send you the mounting plate without any issue. Backcountry.com's customer service is pretty good. I spoke with Michelle and she was great. well maybe you need to cover the cost of shipping.

you could also check out www.evogear.com. they sell on ebay. not sure if they will sell you the plate without buying bindings from them though.

another place I heard might sell you the plate is
www.coloradoskishop.com oddly enough located in New Hampshire!
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well thanks for the advice.

i logged onto the 'live help' at backcountry.com and got the same rep i spoke to first time around.

i explained that i received the bindings but that the bases hadn't been thrown in. i was hoping that i could at least buy the bases outright if they weren't available as a freebie.

well the rep was apologetic, spoke to the warehouse and immediately offered to send the bases to me at no charge. I'm in Australia so that's quite an offer.

those guys rock!
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glad you got it resolved. Backcountry.com is great.

keep us informed as to how you like the bindings. since you're in Australia, your ski season should be starting up while ours is winding down.

for me, i have only skied 5 days on these bindings thus far. I kept them in the neutral All Mountain position for the time being to get used to my new skis. Even so, it looks like there is so little ski at the Head that it freaks me out sometimes.

I notice that my stance is more upright and I am not so forward in the boot. i feel myself on my tails alot. that could be related to getting used to different, slightly longer skis.

other than that, they also squeak alot as I travel over variable terrain.
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railflex I v railflex II

well backcountry did the good the good thing and shipped me some rails to go with my bindings- but guess what, i ended up with railflex II rails.

now i seem to recall reading somewhere that you can't mount railflex I bindings on railflex II rails, but can't find the post.

is this the case?

my season doesn't start till july so i have some time up my sleeve, but i can't help but feel i've been a little unlucky in this endeavour.
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you can use the railflex II rails. that;s exactly what I got!

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Originally Posted by tekweezle
On another note, at what positions do you mount your bindings to?

i thought i heard somewhere that the forward position was for riding in the park, center/neutral was for all mountain. what is the rear position for?
I keep the RF at +15 setting for all front-side skiing and up to 6" of powder or crud.
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some good info on the bindings from other users

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Verloc, you can NOT mount a railfelx 1 binding on a railflex 2 plate...

...I'd call backcountry.com back and explain....if they don't have any railflex 1 rails then I'd call around to shops to see if they have any lying around....I bet a shop would trade you a rail 1 for your rail 2 straight up.
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what binding did you get, exactly? I got the Railflex LD 12 and that does work with Railflex II plate. I had the same confusion you must be going through but I got them mounted just fine.

They are the same as what is on www.tyrolia.com.

My friend has a pair of Fischer skis (RX-6 or 8?) which use an older Railflex I binding. The plate is totally different.
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The bindings i have are the Railflex LD 12 - the box says neither I nor II - just RailFlex LD 12. There are a uniform grey in colour - unlinke the LD 12s currently on the Tyrolia site which are a schmick yellow/grey.

The box the rails came in say Railflex System II.

Now I'm not much of a tinkerer, but i couldn't make much sense of the rails, other than the fact that they are clearly meant to screw onto skis. i can't see the purpose of the plastic bits on top of the rails.

I'm hoping i don't have to post these back to the USA- i'll canvas some stores here and maybe someone can help me out- though i've never been very satisfied with Sydney ski shops.
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You have Railflex I bindings and Raiflex II rails. They just don't fit. Sorry.
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when I got my bindings, I thought they sent me the wrong plate too. even looking on the website, the plate looks exactly like what they have for the Railflex II LD12 in their pictures.

i had the same question about the "standoffs". they look like square grommets or washers and i was thrown off because of the way they were molded to the rail.

the plastic "grommets" are meant to be broken off pushed into the rail's channels and screwed into the ski. the rails slide along these "grommets" when the ski flexes.

okay, i will take pictures of my setup and post them.

by the way, I don;t work in a skishop. finding info on these bindings is difficult. Tyrolia;s web site is not too informative either.
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here's what I got-notice that both the binding and rails say RailSystem II.

the infamous "standoffs"

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Ok, I'm confused, (most probably) a little thick and this thread has made it worse. Despite the wonderful reviews of ski performance/character traits around here, most of these threads rightfully caution that demoing the ski is ultimately the only way to go before purchasing. Well, my experience with demo bindings is that the heel piece is just moved up or back depending on the size of your boot and that, by necessity, the play in the heel can be 5cm or more and results in a "mounting" that is likely irrelevant as to where your personal BoF or midsole mark may be with reference to that ski. So, if moving the binding on a Railflex can have such a dramtic change in ski behaviour, it would seem that demoing a ski without taking note of where you "are" on the ski is not providing a true picture of the ski's performance and thus preferences/reviews could be seriously misleading. Am I missing something?
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i didn;t know you had a choice in mounting bindings. I al ways thought there was a centerpoint on the ski and they mounted it based on your boot size. once they are mounted, you can;t move them unless you redrill. so you either get used to them or hate your skis.

i did hear that Women;s skis are mounted more forward but isn;t women specific equipment more or less a new concept? also it sounds like park and mogul skis are mounted more forward too for balance in the air but again I thought that was a function of the ski type. would that make them slightly less useful on the rest of the mountain? from what I gather, most regular alpine skis are mounted more to the rear.

hopefully someone who knows better will chime in here.
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sully - you're right on the money. Yes (emphatically) the mounting point can change everything in your demo so you must take note of where your boot is being positioned on the demo. I've gotten pretty good about eyeing up where I like to be on a ski (based on BoF mounts on my own skis) and I know if I'm too far back when demoing.

tekweezle - do some searches on BoF, Ball of Foot, and Campbell Balancer and you'll find lots of good discussions about the fore/aft mounting position of bindings. Suffice to say that the midsole mark on a ski is based on the "average" skier and based on limited testing done by a few people. Generally BoF is really where you want to be in my experience and the overall impression of a ski can be radically changed by as little as 10mm in mounting position change. Sorry - manufacturers tried to simplify the mounting position issue 20 years ago, but in reality they really did everyone a disservice.
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First post - hi

I'm contemplating getting some of these for the new season. However, I'm slightly concerned about weight implications...

Anyone know how much these weigh per pair compared to, for example, a regular set of Salomon 810Ti 85mm?
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i can;t seem to find too many details on the specs of the binding. I can say that they are pretty light. the plate seems to be made of plastic or some sort of composite material and is pretty light in weight too.

if you have to have even lighter bindings, they have the model SLD11 which seems to have a less beefier toe piece. I am over 200 lbs so I went with the regular LD12.
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I found that altrec.com lists the Tyrolia LD 12 as 2,440 g, which I would assume to be for the pair and not per individual binding...

Most Salomon bindings in the S810/S912 category are spec'd in the 980-990 g per binding range it would seem, so that leads me to conclude that the LD12 might add some 225 g 'per foot' and the SLD11 possibly slightly less.

Would that fit with your experience?
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that sounds reasonable. I think the tyrolia bindings might be including the weight of the plate too. I hope you don;t buy from this place because you could get the binding for much cheaper elsewhere.

those salomon binding sound really light since I think they are made of Titanium and much more "high end".
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I've mounted mine flat on Elan M666's and they ski great. I can't believe it's worth your time (especially being in Australia) to try to find the rails. Mount 'em and rip. THEN if you have a problem, look around.
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you mounted them without the rails? PIX please!!!
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ignore what i just wrote. you probably did not mount them sans rails.
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