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I got out to Wachusett today with the family on my new skis. First about me:

Age 39
Height 6'
Weight 230
Years skiing 35
Ability: I can ski anything in the east.

First the Allstars
Generally I like GS type skis. The skis I am coming off of are a pair of Dynastar Speed SFs in a 197 (which I always thought was a little short). I was planning on getting the Allstars in a 182 but they couldn't find a pair in New England. After skiing on the 175s I don't think I would need the 182s. The 175s were more stable than the Speed SFs in all kind of turns, held the edge great on firm snow and made all kinds of turn shapes easily. I would still be interested in trying the 182s but don't see that I need them. I was amazed that a ski that was 175cm could be that stable. I would imagine that I could ski these skis easily in bumps as well. For New England I think this is an excellent all around board.

Now the Beasts:
I have a D+ width foot with a high instep (old boots Tecnica TNT Explosion 8). I waffled between a pair of new old stock Nordica Beasts and the Speedmachine 14. In my heart I really wanted the SM14 however after spending a lot of time in the boots in the shop decided the SM14 was going to be a little too small in the toe area.

I found the Beast to be all the boot I will need. For the first day out on the hill the boot was pretty comfortable and very responsive. Once the boots break in they are going to be a comfortable good performing boot for me. For carving and groomed terrain they are awesome. There weren't any bumps around but I can see them being good there as well.

If you have a fairly wide foot and can track down a pair of these they are a great boot.