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Fernie Avalanche

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I'm watching the news up here at Sun Peaks and just heard an avalanche burried 4 skiers inbounds in Fernie today around 3:30. According the report all four were rescued. They said the avalanche started out of bounds and came in bounds.
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Not surprising. SCSA and I were in a sluff slide inbounds a few years back. Glad to hear everyone made it out ok. Maybe newfydog has some details.
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I heard about it too on the news. The avi was in the Lizard Bowl somewhere around Arrow or Bow I think.

We were on the other side in Curry Bowl. My bud cut a small slab in there on the 1,2,3's this aft. It was only 30 ft wide or so, not too theatening, but still, thats the kind of snow pack we got at the present. I've said it on here before if you ski avalanche terrain weather it be in bounds or out, wear a beacon, there are no guarantees.

There have been several inbound avis here this year, I posted a pic of one on another thread.

Anyway glad everyone is ok, play safe out there people.
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Here it is again. This is the same area my friend cut a slab today. This one came down before Christmas not the one that happened today. There was another one that buried the cat track in Cedar bowl a few days later. We been getting a lot of snow this last week and it's all been heavy so the avi danger has gone up.
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Originally Posted by slider
Not surprising. SCSA and I were in a sluff slide inbounds a few years back. Glad to hear everyone made it out ok. Maybe newfydog has some details.
Newfydog was in it. I was attending an injured skier in the group of four. I need to talk to management before I can say much, but I'm ok.
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Glad you're OK newfydog. Pls provide more details if and when possible.
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Dang, glad to hear you're ok newfydog. Is it just me, or are inbounds avalanches becoming more common the last couple years? Or is it just with advent of the internet bbs, the word gets out more?
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All I can say is "WOW!" and thank God you're ok... I can't even imagine how scarry this must be. I hope I'll never find out...
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Well, my vote in the inbounds beacon wearing seems vindicated. Good to hear you are OK Newfydog. Hope you will put up whatever details you can, when you can. I'm sure the ski area has a lot of work ahead investigating how a release this size occurred on open inbounds terrain, and more importantly, how to prevent it in the future. Its always hard to show up to ski in the morning, only to be held at the bottom as the bombs detonate, and the patrol skis all the fresh lines. Who'd a thunk there might be a reason.
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Newfydog, I too am glad to hear that you are OK, as well as the other folks caught in the slide.

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Well done, newfydog.

Excellent instincts to save yourself AND the boy. I'm very impressed and glad you're all okay.

1300 METERS?!? That's big. :

Give yourself a hug tonight.
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Originally Posted by newfydog
His dad yelled Avalanche! and I grabbed the boy and started to run to the side.
Our own Catcher in the Rye. Good for you and better for him!
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I'm sure Newfydog has his good reasons for deleting his post here; although I see him more as a hero on the matter. I hope he will soon post back with what ever he is free to say. So far in the news:

at the Fernie Alpine Resort – nine skiers are recovering from a near miss with an avalanche. They were within the bounds of the ski hill, when the avalanche swept in from outside the boundary. Resort spokesperson Matt Mosteller says the skiers were partially buried, but "got wrapped up in snow" and were rescued quickly. "There was a patrol member who was there, actually on the same area, and was on site immediately to help those people out.

Fernie had received more than 50 centimetres of snow in 48 hours, resulting in the resort closing more than half of its runs on Sunday because of the risk of an avalanche. The Canadian Avalanche Association says there is still a considerable avalanche risk for most mountain areas in southern B.C."
This is an Audio file concerning the news

Good luck, and hope to hear from you soon Newfy.

Edit: Newfydog was not free to comment on the case. According to later reports and public accounts, the slide came from above the area and ran 1300 metres, a good part of that down a trail called Arrow which had just opened. The patroller who shall remain nameless, was on Arrow with a family of four treating an injury to a boy, waiting for the toboggan to come. The boy's dad yelled Avalanche! and the patrolman grabbed the boy and started to run to the side. He reported they were hit hard by airborne snow and wind blast, and rolled three times sliding out at the toe of the slide. All involved persons survived. The patrol team arrived and suspecting the mother an injury, loaded her in a the toboggan and took her down.

This was one a heroic account of ski patrol action, and the entire Fernie patrol deserves credit. The decision of ski area management to censor its patrollers from discussing, sharing and learning from this incident is clearly not a common practice at this time throughout the industry. I feel we all benefit from sharing in these experiences, and learning how we can be subject to risks at big mountain ski areas, and how those risks may be mitigated by knowlege of risks, terrain and even the use of RECCO reflectors and Avy Beacons.
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Glad to hear you're ok Newfydog, and it seems like you did something real good too.

That spot in Fernie is scary! It's not the first big slide there and I'm sure not the last either.
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This was reported in another thread.  You just reopened a 2006 thread...  Not sure that was your intention.

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