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Anyone try new POC products yet?

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I have seen POC all over Ski Racing but not yet on the hill- looks like a great line (pocski.com) any feedback yet????
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Swedish body armour and speed suits???

Since body armour is generally worn under the clothes and the fact that I don't hang around Swedish ski racers very much, I can honestly say I haven't seen that stuff before.
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POC joined the US team POOL and is used by Julia Mancuso, Libby Ludlow, Steve Nyman, Marco Sullivan, Scott Macartney and Jonna Mendes. Seeing that in the past few weeks Julia has 3 2nds and a 5th, Scott a 2nd and Steve a 4th on the World Cup the product seems to work! They also won the VOLVO ISPO SportDesign Award. Check it out at www.pocski.com its a really well done web site.
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If anyone is winning races because of their helmet, it must be a heck of a helmet.

Actually, I suspect it probably is a heck of helmet, even though it won't make you go faster. It's very, very pricey, though.
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Poc Helmets and Speed Suits

My children have both the helmets and speed suits after MUCH effort in trying to track down a NA supplier who had any stock !
Helmets - My children both have different shaped heads ( I guess like most people! ). The attraction was that they had moveable cushioning inside the helmet to allow for this. The concept is great, but the cushioning supplied is not sufficiently thick so we used the pads from an old helmet. The main problem was that when worn with goggles, even POC googles, the helmet pushed the goggles down onto the nose. This was cured using the extra pads. The helmets are very light and certainly absorb impact much better than any other make !
Speed Suits - they are great ! Warm, well padded, well made ! My only comment would be that they tend to be on the small side and I haven't seen anything bigger than Large.
The children are constantly getting comments re their outfits and if you want to be different and safe they certainly come recommended.
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POC had great exposure at the Olympics- especially with Julia Mancuso getting a Gold. I saw some new pics at another thread here.
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Great product, Ive only tried out the Iris goggles with the soft blue lens...Im pretty picky on my goggles, but these are up to my standards. Right now I have oakley A frames. Their helmets are definatly the safest helmet you can buy, I dont think anyone on here is going 65mph+ though so I dont think they are needed.
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Has anyone skied with the POC goggles that have a blue lens (or any blue lens for that matter) in flat/low light? They have a high VLT %, so it would seem that they are intended for those conditions. I'm working on an article about the science behind lens tints and a blue lens seems totally counterintuitive for flat light-- basically an overload on the eye of blue light so that it is difficult to see contrast.


Nonetheless,  I communicated by e-mail with POC's product manager in Sweden and he said they've had good response with the blue lenses even in flat light. He said it's very individual and perceptions of color/light vary from person to person.


They seem popular with World Cup ski racers, for one thing, so they must work somehow. It just seems to contradict other conventional wisdom and scientific theory I've found about lens tints/light.

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 I use POC helmets, goggles, and a back protector. I love them all and it is worth the extra money. Many people say that poc makes crappy helmets because they break so easily but all it really is is they show the damage. Most helmets break on the inside where it is not visible, and if you hit your head again you could be injured very badly. POC helmets break all the way through but dont be alamed by this because when the impact happens, the shell implodes to prevent head bounce which could save you from a broken neck. the stirofoam and rubber padding absorb the impact so you dont have to. POC has a one year warranty so if you break your helmet all you have to do is send it in and they will send you a new one. All ski helmets are designed to take one hard hit then need to be replaced.
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I have used the blue poc lenses and I have noticed the work well in flat light but also in night skiing because they are designed to make things brighter.
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