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Ultimate fat ski.....

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I just mounted bindings on two small toboggans.
I know they will be awesome in the deep powder, but am concerned they might adversely affect my bump skiing. I know they might be a little slow edge to edge but with proper two footed turning.....hard to put the knees together on these babies......they should float and turn with the best. Anyone interested in investing?
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Sell it to the guys at Igneous ??
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So you don't like fat skis huh?

Besides, Volant beat you to it with their Spatula ski.
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Nice brake arms, dude!

Licence it to the boys at Whistler?

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Darn.....nothing new under the sun I guess.....luckily I haven't started on the patent application. Video looks like a good event for "Most Extreme Elimination"!!!
Awesome footage
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