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Rooky question time. I keep seeing it and thought I would figure it out by myself and not have to post this question, but the time has come: What is an MA?:

Sank Oo Berry Mush.
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Movement Analysis
or possibly "mother"
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MA=Movement analysis.

Only stupid question is the one you don't ask.
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Movement Analysis is the process of watching a human performance and observing the body movements including both causes and effects. Ski instructors are trained in the development of MA skills to help us determine possible approaches to improving skiers' performance. Here on EpicSki there are a combination of uses for MA, both to help those of us who are attempting to improve our MA skills as well as for skiers who would like some understanding of their skiing including both what they are doing and what results they get from what they are doing.
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Three solid answers in seven minutes! Thank you guys, This is truly a wonderful forum.
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