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Best Ski Boots for Flat Feet?

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i'm shopping for new boots this year. i'm currently skiing on salomon x-wave 8's. these boots are are ok but are a little lacking in feel...partly because the shells are probably 1/2 size too big for performance skiing.

anyway, i have a tough time getting a great fit because i have almost no arch in my feet. salespeople usually steer me towards salomon, technica and head as these boots puportedly have lower insteps. is that true?

i am an advanced/expert level skier and spend nearly all of my time in the moguls and terrain parks. if budget were unlimited, which boots would you recommend for me?

currently on list:

salomon 1080 pro
head heat 9/10
technica ?


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Are you using footbeds or orthotics? Flat feet are feet that are chronically over-pronated, and orthotics help correct that. A good pair of footbeds might save your old boots.
For what it's worth, I have high arches and I skied the Nordica Grand Prix RT a few years ago and it fit me fine.
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Do you have flat arches or do you have the extra bone in your foot that causes you to have no arch at all?? I myself have very flat wide feet but i dont have that extra bone that some flat footed people have. I ski in salomon course boots that have the custom fit liner in them and they work like a charm. being that you ski bumps you deffinitly dont want the course boot but you might want to try some from the xwave series or possibly the 1080 pro... My advice is to contact a shop that has good boot fitters and spend a good 2 or so hours just trying on boots and then have your foot fitted to the boot that you chose. You will notice a huge difference in your skiing because your boots will actually fit you how they are supposed to. Good luck with that though... but its always fun to spend some time in a ski shop anyways [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Try not to get too hung up on the instep height. If you truely have "flat feet" you will need a boot that will allow the feet to go flat . Mid foot width will be more important than instep height. You can always pad the tongue to hold the instep down.Tecnica is a logical choice with the DC from Dolomite a second choice. Good luck.
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For the Technicas, let me suggest the Icon X Comp Alu (I think that's what they call them)

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Moulded Footbeds.

Then try the different boots on with the beds in them.
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I agree with gmolfoot. Tecnica is the best low-volume boot (short internal height) that I've ever tried. I have a low but existent arch and also have found that Salomon's "Course" series boots fit quite well, as do the traditional Lange shells.

I would first get a set of orthotics made by someone very skilled and experienced -- like GMOL.

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Another vote for the Technicas. I have flat feet and the Icon Carbons I got last year are the best boots I've ever had on my feet. They even have an adjustable arch height that you can fit directly to your foot for the best comfort and performance.

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I have mostly flat feet. Tech's work well and so do Lange's. Most important is the custom foot liners. I remember in my Lange's, the difference from using semi to a custom foot bed was dramatic. Especially for those of us who lack an arch.
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I have a very low arch and big feet. Footbeds have helped tremendously. Get those first.
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Check out the website: bootfitters.com.

See one of them to solve your fit problems. Custom insoles or orthodics are probably in your future for a good fitting boot. Make sure who ever you use understands about alignment.
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