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Another Kids Ski Query...

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My son is 13.5 yrs old, skiing for 7+ years. Not a racer.

95 lbs dry.

Very good skier. Generally can ski any slope, except super steeps. Controls his edges (generally) and is letting his skis carve. Skis the chairline with me. We ski out west- Tahoe basin.

So, I've been looking for a GS cut (like an atomic GS11 jr, rossi 9x) or should I be looking for more of an "All Mountain" ski?

Is there such thing as 'too much' ski, or does a precise ski breed better control?

Currently skis 140s, think he needs to move up there...

Thanks guys


PS Great board... some really excellent info here I am finding.
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AT 95lbs, leave him on his 140s for another year. I have a 13 year old gal at 11lbs. She is on a 144 slalom ski and 150 GS. Both seem about right for her size.

Bump your guy up to 150s next year
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Think in terms of radius, how is a GS "cut" going to effect his performance on the steeper terrain? Not too well.

Most kids will favor an SL and develop turning skills .... when they can handle the faster speeds ... with control it's GS time.
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Thanks for the replies...

Going with a shorter radius ski, for the aforementioned jr., and recommendations on a specific ski? Probably prefer a year or two old model to save the $$ as they will be sold next year.

rossi Power 9 racing jr
rossi World cup 9s jr
Nordica Dobermann SLjr
Atomic SL11

All around 140 or so in length.

or should we go with something that might be a bit more fun off the packed? A touch wider for better off piste performance? Any recommendations?

Luckily, there really is no ice here. (Having grown up in the NE, I just love when CA skiers complain of ice.. )

Thanks again!

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I'd suggest the SL9 over the SL11 for all mountain skiing.
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Here are a couple more choices you can look into...

Fischer Competition Jr (comes with lifter plates)
Elan RCS

While both of these are classified as multi-event junior race skis, they can also handle all other terrains quite well. They are very well made. My J5 daughter raced and freeskied on the Fischer last year and is racing (and occasionally freeskiing) on the Elan this year. She seemed/seems to be quite happy (and did/do quite well) with both setups. She did mention recently that the Elans carves better and are more stable than her Volant Machete all mountain (already a step or two better than entry level). Just for reference and comparison, her Elans run 5cm longer than the Volants.
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