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Cloudveil Zero-G Jacket

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So right up front I will admit to being a bit of a Cloudveil *junkie*--I love their designs, the fabrics they use, and just the general quality of my three (!!) Clouveil Jackets and my one pair of their pants. (Though I am coveting another set of pants--anyone tried the women's RPK?)

I bought my newest of the three jackets this fall--The Zero-G. It's a softshell exterior (Schoeller Dynamic with a microporous coating) bonded to a 100-gram primaloft interior. I bought the jacket because I decided I hated feeling like that kid on "A Christmas Story" on cold or windy days--too many layers lead to inability to move my arms! I thought that perhaps a bit of insulation would do the trick and cut down on the multitude of technical layers. Boy was I right!

I have worn this jacket three times thus far, in very different conditions, and I can give it a ringing endorsement.

First time out was an unsually cold day for Colorado in December, about -15F (ambient temp) when we headed up the mountain. It warmed up marginally before the day was out, but although the sun shone, I don't think we ever got out of the single digits up on the mountain. Wearing the Zero-G, a heavy long underwear top, a light sweater, my helmet, a pair of tights and pants with a brushed interior, I was never cold all day. Not even on long lifts. OK, so my toes got a little cold, but I think they wouldn't have, had I had Zero-G boot covers!

Next time I wore the jacket was a *more Colorado* kind of day--temps in the high 20s to mid-30s lower on the mountain. With just a midweight stretch top and a light vest under the jacket, I was entirely toasty. Late in the day, I took off the vest, and was still toasty warm.

Today we skied Copper Mountain in the wind and the dumping down snow, ambient temps in the teens at the top, probably about -3F to -5F with wind chill. I again wore a helmet, tights and warmer pants, the Zero-G with two layers of long underwear tops (no sweater) and I was just fine. Except for the toes again.

Beyond the warmth factor, the jacket has a terrific look and great color combinations--I own the womens' jacket in blue, which is a two-tone mix of sky blue and cornflower blue. Other colors (for men and women) include rust, black, a darker blue for men, and a fun pinky-red and off-white combo for women. The jacket really stretches and moves with you, and the nylon taffeta over the primaloft lining slides easily over clothing.

My past history with Cloudveil indicates that this jacket will hold up great, and I highly recommend this jacket! I would imagine with a thicker layer it would also perform great in consistently colder East Coast or Midwest conditions.

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Have you tried the spacewalk jacket? It seems to be a little less insulated than the zero-g, with all the same schoeller fabric. Please advise.
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Haven't tried the Spacewalk, although I saw a mostly favorable review of it in the New York Times. I do also own the Headwall, which is quite warm due to its stiffer, windproof-barried softshell. No insulation in the Headwall, but the interior is a cozy brushed fabic, and it is highly wind and waterproof. It has a great look for streetwear, too, with fun western styling. I often wear this jacket off the hill. This one might be one to try as well, if you are looking for warmth but not true insulation.

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Cloudveil RPK Jacket

Originally Posted by mollmeister
My past history with Cloudveil indicates that this jacket will hold up great
This is good news, I just bought the RPK jacket. I wore it for the first time yesterday. I am very pleased with the jacket so far. I am use to longer jackets and was afriad that the RPK jacket might ride up my back, but didn't. I want to see how the hood works, it didn't seem like you could tighten it enough to keep the snow and wind out during a raging snow storm.
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