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Philadelphia Ski Shops?

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Does anyone know of any ski shops located within a 1 hr. drive of Philadelphia. NOTE: The shop must sell Elan brand skis.

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Buckman's is a good local shop. The one in Montgomeryville, about 5 min from where I used to live, had a very helpful/pleasant staff. Sorry, no Elan though (that I remember).


You can also try this site, for other stores in the Philly area.

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Buckman's bad experience.

I bought my 18 year old son some boots at Buckmans in Montgomeryville. When we went skiing in Telluride he complained that his foot was sliding around in the boots. So we went to the Boot Doctors to get some foot beds made. The fitter there told us the boot Buckman had sold us didn't fit my son at all.

Ended up buying boots from the Boot Doctor with foot beds and my son was extremely happy.

I ended up taking the boots back to Buckmans and they did refund our money without any quibbling.
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Doesn't sound like a place you can trust?

Refund policy sounds good but when you "cost out" the one ruined day of a very expensive vacation?

Not much of an endorsement .... they can't fit boots ... but were nice about ..
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I see that the ElanSkis.com website's dealer locator function is broke, ... I can't get the list box to scroll to US. Tried it in several different browsers, too.
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The U.S. Elan site works just fine: http://snowbizusa.com/DealerLocator0506/index.php
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the only ski shop i would trust within an hour of philly is D&Q up in cherry hill, NJ off of 70. haven't tried any other ski shops but i was always taken care of so well there i never needed to go anywhere else. dont know if they carry elan's but i remember them having a pretty good selection.
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