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Raichle Flexon's and aftermarket custom liners.....?

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I'm currently skiing last years's Flexon-T with a WC tounge. I'm about 180 lb, 6'1", with a small foot, 25 mondo, 293mm boot sole. The thermoflex liners are okay for most freeskiing, but don't cut it when I'm in gates or on a stiffer, heavier ski. They're pretty soft.

I also think that the liners make the boot flex very soft. Even with the WC tounge, they are boarderline too soft. I tried a heavier liner in the boot from a Flexon Comp Slalom (the mid-nineties "re-designed" boot), and while it fit like crap, it made the boot much stiffer. I have two other sets of softer tounges, but I never use them - I can't.

So I'm considering aftermarket liners. The boot shells fit me fairly well, they are forgiving of my pronation/flat feet. Can anybody recommend a Foam or true silicone liner that works well with the flexon's? I had technica silicone liners for a long time and realy liked them. One of the shops I deal with has suggested the Head custom liners as fitting well in the flexons, but they are out of the silicone and can't get more - so they are recommending the foam instaid. I have been warned off of Zipfit, and from their product description, they don't offer a true silicone liner anyway.

Also, has anyone noted a signifigant increase in forward flex stiffness with a foam liner in the flexons?

Any experience or advice would be apriciated.


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Red Sled:
I used to ski with a pair of Raichle's. I liked them but couldn't quite get the fit right. As you mentioned in your post you haved different tongues for these. This, as you know, is the way to stiffen or lighten the flex. Therefore, I don't think the liner will make much difference. Perhaps a little but very little.
Perhaps it's time for a new pair of boots?

Keep skiing faster! :

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There are at least two Raichle WC racing tongues available.
I have a pair of solid yellow WC tongues without the flanges at the top and a pair of even stiffer black and green Raichle racing tongues that I bought this summer in Tokyo from a Raichle retailer who obtained them in one day through Raichle's Japan distributor. These are in addition to the two softer tongues that are available on Flexon boots sold at retail one of which is denoted as "racing flex". They are also stiffer than the Black and Green tongues that were sold with the Flexon Comp 9.9. Let me know if you want further information. They will ship to the USA.

A foam liner will add stiffness to your boots but I am not a boot expert. In Jeff's boot advice column in this section, he reports that he skis in Raichles and prefers the regular Raichle liner (the one with the tongue, not the themoflex) He also races though I don't know if he uses his Raichles for that purpose or what events he races in or what tongues he uses. The Raichle Flexon was designed as a race boot and Raichle once had a quite a few sponsored skiers on the World Cup who posted impressive results, especially in downhill where Flexons were admired for their "feel".

You can probably get some help on this subject from Jeff. This forum also has a few other Raichle experts including Phil P.
Maybe they can help as well.

Hope this helps. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I had a pair of Flexon Comps foamed years ago (the first of the slightly wider model). The Sidas foamed liners didn't suit the shell perfectly - there was a hollow in the back of the shell/cuff that caused a couple of seams of the inner to split a little when the foam expanded to fill the space.

Apart from that the foamed liners worked well for me - my feet even managed a week long ski tour in them without a hint of a blister!

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With the Flexons "low volume" shell. you might have a problem fitting an aftermarket liner in them. I know Raichle did have a better Thermoflex liner last year, but they might be tough to come by. Your other option might be to use a stock (non-thermoflex) liner, they are stiffer that the TF's. Its a shame you are a 293... I have some brand new 301 liners I would give you.

I personaly gave up a bit of support for the warmth and lightness of the TF's.
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Deer Red Sled,

Off the Flexon topic - maybe I missed it, but did you find the DH/SG ski you were looking for? If you have please forgive the inquiry . . . or pass it along to your buddies so they can keep up with you on your new toys. I have two pair of vintage DH skis that I will very nearly give away and a new pair of team stock Salomon Super G's; I want to find new homes for all three. Good luck with your boot dilemma.

Pray for snow [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

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Red Sled,
I have Flexon Comp Lites, Mens size 12, MO 30. I am looking for a bail for the left boot, lowest one, and the black diamond shape plastic part that attaches th bail to the boot, near the top of the insole. Any help sourcing such parts would be greatly appreciated.
Jim Bilbao
425 443 3922
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I actually just purchased some ZipFits for my Flexons. They integrate quite well w/the shells, but as you can imagine, consume a whole lot more of the shell volume. You may have to go w/shorter bails depending upon you foot shape/size (I did not). The first time the liner was inserted, I didn't think my bootfitter was going to be able to buckle them up. They don't feel any stiffer, but they certainly fit better.
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