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Some awsome guy

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Yeah i was at Waterville yesterday and there was this skiier there that was freakin amazing. Waterville has some big jumps and the last one they have 2 skiiers needed oxygen they hit so hard and this guy comes down throws a 540, lands backwards off the next huge jump he does a 720, lands backwards, and off the last monster jump that people were having a hard time not dieing he did a 540 tail grab to revert!
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another example of why some books require pictures to be books.
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Super man sucks when he does that trick.....
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d00d rawk!
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later that evening, Sum Aw Sum, local skier, gave a press conference in which he declared that Daron Rahlves is a wuss who just skis the same old icy hill, icy ice ice ice ice. then he pulled his pants down below his arse and waddled away acting "gangsta" (or his mental image thereof)
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Hey Rossi, that was me. And the last jump was a 720, not just a 540. I've been working on that for weeks and this weekend was the first time I pulled it off. I'm flattered that I made it into Epic as an "awsome" guy. Tell that to my girlfriend.
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I just did.

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