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Bode Racing Stoned...

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Bode racing stoned - that's what I'd like to see.

"Here comes Miller cruising lazily toward the finish line - he's nine minutes off the pace, but he looks happy with his time."
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Maybe he'll do a Cheech and Chong ski movie...with bong/hookah skiing or GS tripping....
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World Cup DH MTB racers have some THC fans among them. Myles Rockwell got busted at his house in Durango CO with approximately 20 plants. The Houseman brothers are reputed to enjoy a bit o' the chong too.

wouldn't surprise me too much to learn that some top ski racers occasionally float their grey matter. but I would be surprised to hear they do it in race prep and race while stoned.
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That is too f_ckin funny! And it's probably going to happen.
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I've mentioned this before ..... why don't they just do it like the airports? Put two start gates up one green (nothing to declare) and one red. Obviously the racers coming through the red door would need extra start peeps to gettheir last drag / swig of wiskey / snort of etc.

I can see it now ...
"high winds delayed the start of the mens downhill today, nobody could light their spliffs"

Can you imagine the racers interviews afterwards. "wow man I errr .... don't know how I won, it was awesome .... , I can err .............. where was I oh yeah I can remember flying past the second gate and then this big purple elephant ...."
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..... Bode, come on now, get off your knees ... Bode it's real SNOW not the other kind of .....
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This explains some of his DNFs. He got lost.
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