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Hi guys,

I was looking at doing a progression camp with at mt seymour for the 2 weeks. Its a freestyle/freeskiing camp for $2,990 AU. I thought it may be pretty good, but what would you guys think in terms of the cost and what you get? It provides accomodation, all food, activities, trip to whistler and mt baker, lessons all day every day, night skiing, video analysis, etc. (more info at the website). I thought it was pretty damn good for the price, but would like to hear other opinions or people who have gone to the camp in previous years.

Also, can anyone recommend any camps like this for 2-3 weeks or so, in the colorado area? Id love to do something like this in colorado, but have no idea where to start looking, who runs such clinics, etc. Im looking at doing something like this between the 13th of Febuary, and the 1st week or march. The progression camp is from the 13th to the 26th of feb, which is ideal for me but like I said, Id love to do a similar camp in colorado. The camp im after would provide for terrain parks, pipes, and more advanced freeskiing.

Any help would be great. Cheers guys