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Volkl G4

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I have seen this kind of question many times, but here we go again!
Please help me to choose the wright lenght on Volkl G4! I Weigh 88Kg and i´m 180Cm long. I am an aggresiv skier who likes tho ski offpiste.I now ski the Salomon Scream Series in 187Cm. Do i loose moore in versality then i gain i stability if i stay on the longer ski 198cm instead of 188cm?

Please help me!!
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I've skied the G-41P in 178, 188 & 198 and liked them all. Very stable even in the 178.
I am slightly shorter and lighter than you and I would probobly pick the 188. The 198 was very nice on a big powder day at Snowbird, but I only skied the wide open stuff, Cirque and Mineral Basin. I think the 188 would be better in tree's and bumps.
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I'm about 195 cm, 90 kg and also ski aggressively. I demoed the 188 G41 this year and thought it was very stable at speed. I never felt like I was overpowering the ski. I liked the G41 so much, I bought a pair for next season. Mmmm.... next season....
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