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Recommend a ski similar to 2003 Rossi Viper STX

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I know nothing about gear and until last year have been skiing on ~ 15 year old 200 cm rossi cheap skis. Last year I demoed a set of Rossi B2 and while they were much better than my normal skis, they were not nearly as much fun as the Rossi Viper STX (176) that I tried a few weeks ago. I have been trying to score a set (new or used) of these on EBay to no avail. I would like to keep the total for ski and binding under $400 if possible and don't mind a used set as I don't get to ski more than 5x/year.

I am a 46 yo 5'9" M 175# and am in good shape. I consider myself an advanced intermdiate and will ski almost any of the runs at Sugarbush or Killington, though I don't like the hairier mogul runs.

If I am not able to get a set of Viper STX in time for the Gathering in UTah, what other skis would you suggest that are similar and would be within my budget?

Also, I am still hopeful of getting a set of Vipers, but the sets I see available are without bindings. What type of bindings would be compatible with these skis?

Thanks for any help
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The 2003 Rossi STX was a tame version of the 9S recreational slalom ski from that year. It features the same sidecut 110-65-98mm as the 9S but the dualtec vertical sidewall was not extended over the whole length of the ski. This shorter sidewall with cap construction at the tip and tail made the ski less grabby and more forgiving than the 9S.

Rossignol made the Cobra X that year. I own a pair in the 181 size. Same forgiving construction in a skicross design. The Cobra X is more GS than SL but the ski is very quick edge to edge and an effortless carver. Much more stable at speed than the STX and better in soft snow due the the 106-67-95 side cut. The 177cm length is good for your size.

http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Rossignol-T-power-ski-binding-package-177-cm_W0QQitemZ8748077443QQcategoryZ21243QQrdZ1QQcmdZ ViewItem

I would strongly consider the Dynastar Skicross 9. A better ski than either Rossi; More versatile and higher performing. Dynastar is a Rossignol owned brand and the "feel" is similar.

http://cgi.ebay.com/Skis-Dynastar-SKICROSS-9-170-ski-cross-carving-2005-NEW_W0QQitemZ8744251438QQcategoryZ26349QQrdZ1QQcmd ZViewItem


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I also woould look a the Dynastar omecarve 10 same smooth feel and instant turn but the tail is a little wider with a shorter radius.
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