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Fernie Hotels

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Hi there,

We are off to Alberta in 10 days time and unfortunately it looks like our first stop (Jasper) is rather dry. There is snow forecast, but different sites forecast totally different things so I am not willing to trust that snow will actually fall! So we are looking into Fernie so that we can do a change late this week if snow still hasnt come down in Jasper.

So can anyone recommend me a hotel of good quality? We do not want an apartment since we have an elderly relative who needs hotel facilities.

Many thanks!

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The Best Western might be what you are looking for. It's pretty nice for a Best Western. It's beside a grocery store, some restaurants, a liquor store and in front of the hospital (just in case). I spent an hour or so waiting in their lobby for the shuttle to take us back up to the mountain after going to the hospital with someone in our group (fell on ice on stairs). The shuttle picks you up right at the door. It's a bit of a ride up the the hill though.

Check it out.
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Lizard Creek Lodge in Fernie

We stayed in an apartment in Lizard Creek Lodge in Fernie which was fantastic, but they also have a hotel part. They also have a restaurant and cheaper, more casual meals in the bar/lounge.
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There is a place called the bears den its hill side and cheap, but clean.
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Bears Den is a mountain food joint halfway down the Bear chair as far as I can remember... Give the Same Sun a call, it has dorm type rooms from $22 Can a day... I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was OK.
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Yes my mistake its the wolfs den
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My wife and I spent a week at the Snow Creek Lodge a few years ago. A bit pricey, but the ski in/ski out, can't be beat. Nice rooms with two hot tubs and heated pool. If I recall it had a small bar next to the main fireplace in the lobby.
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