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Beginner/intermediate stuck asks 4 help (video)

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Hi everybody, I'm very excited having found this forum. Me, 42, a little overweight and in constant poor phisical shape (office work), started skiing four years ago, was fun at the beginning but now I feel I cannot make progress anymore.

I know I should take a lesson or two, I will when back on mountain but meantime I can still ski some place close to home where instruction isn't available.

Please give me some input on what should work on to improve. Many thanks in advance.

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Firstly you need a new ski suit, that purple one piece just isn't doing it for you. That green backpack has got to go, and what the hell are you wearing on your head???

Other than that stop leaning back and steer with your hips instead of your shoulders.
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shade, wellcome to epic and from what I read in your opening post I suspected you would suck big time but to my surprice you ski really well. Great to have someone make a video of you like that and post it here. 10 points for that. Also 10 points for the location, where is it? Kiviski gave you poor style points in regards to your clothing but on my computer even that looked ok.

Your skiing is fluid and relaxed. You also keep consistant speed and you keep going for a long time without any problems of any sort. Your turns are initiated by a small stem, hip rotation and banking. You also controll your speed by skidding and not by stearing your skis cross the hill so when it gets steeper or you enter moguls you run into heavy problems. You need to get some upper/lower body separation, countering and edging into your skiing. You also need to start working with your feet and lean forward. At the moment you look like one pease of wood. You need to look like a skier, flexing and extending and actively partisipating in what you are dooing.
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Welcome to Epic Shade!

Congratulations! You've mastered your level of skiing. The flow, the turn shape and the movements you are making are almost text book quality. At the next level you will start learning to ride on the edge of the ski more than the base of the ski. There are many adjustments and a few new movements you will need to get to the next level. You'll probably get quite a few here in this thread, but there are too many to make a coherent post before I'm off to work. Although I believe face to face to lessons are far more productive, you might find some valuable insights at Harald Harb's site:


Also, if you spend some time searching through old posts, especially ones with video and critiques, you'll begin to get a clearer picture of where you need to take your own skiing.

Good luck.
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I'll give you the excellent advice an instructor gave me when I was at your level:

Right now, it looks like you start each turn by stepping onto the old inside ski/ new outside ski. This keeps your turns from being parallel and will lead to problems in many situations, esp. powder. Instead, begin your turn by flattening the old outside ski. That is, flatten the old outside ski BEFORE you transfer your weight to the new outside ski. Once the old outside ski is flat, you will start to turn. Then you can transfer your weight gradually to the new outside ski.

Good luck to you!
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If you are say ...... 6' tall, think of being in a room with a ceiling height of only five feet.

Now "ski" in that room without hitting your head.
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My first impression after watching you ski is that your skis are skiing you, not the other way around. Honestly, it looked a little "lazy" to me. You didn't look very active to me, "let's go here for a while, now let's see what's over here, oh let me touch my pole, la de da, de da...." It's not bad skiing, but you are not reaching your potential.

What I would work on you first would me more purposeful in your movements. I'd like to see more shape to your turns. It seems on Epic, there are two camps on epic on how to do that. I'm in the PSIA camp and would tell you to work on turning your feet, ie pointing your toes in the direction you want to go. Others here will give you other advice, do what works for you. I would also work on getting your feet out further away from you body to help develop higher edge angles. There are a variety of ways to do this. the best bet is to seek out a qualified coach at your ski hill of choice. Good luck and keep at it.

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Like theRusty says, you're doing a good job for your level of development.

As Sonja Sonja noted, you need to begin work on using both skis through the turn. Instead of doing the stepped weight transfer to the new outside ski of each turn, think about the flattening of the old outside ski she describes with the goal that you will weight the skis equally as you begin to roll your ankles and skis onto the new set of edges. Let the turn apply more weight to the new outside ski as it progresses.

I'd also suggest you actively seek to maintain some contact between your shins and the cuff of your boots, that you work on keeping both hands in your field of view all the time you are skiing and that you try to touch the inside of your parka with your spine. All these things will contribute to your using the fronts of the skis to start and control turns through engaging the appropriate edges. That would be the left edges for left turns, right for right.
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Well, thanks everybody, plenty of advice.

Will try to take it easy, toss the green backpack (thx, kiwiski) and lower my stance and put ski edges to work. Maybe that'll help me get rid of that initiation stem that pisses me off and you were so keen to observe.

tdk6, video location is the Tiefenbach glacier in Soelden, Austria, a place where skiing is everything.
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