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dchan was right

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I say was because I cna't see his last line anymore:
"Crossmax 10, my new superman skis"
On Nov 29th I went skiing and had the opportunity to free test drive the Salomon's Crossmax 10, in 180 cm lenght.
At first I thought the showel was too soft and bending to readily, but then I realized I was putting to much pressure n the front of the boot. So had to re-center my weight a bit.
Done that, I had a really fun day. Those skis could handle
the soft freshly fallen dry november snow, as well as the hard iced old snow, bumps, could turn them as gs like fast turns and at slower speeds as well.
In shorts, they gave me back the fun that was gone with the age.
It's not that I couldn't do those things before. But it was becoming difficult to do because of my less than perfect phisical condition.
I was able to "cadillac" througth the manoeuvres again!
I still think that 185 cm would have been better suited for my skiing style...
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I forgot, I'm 175 cm x72 kg x 38 y.o.
Can't resist the temptation to do GS-like (and I stress the like) turns all the time, when on the groomers....
That's why I've found soo good to have my children with me.
Forces me to take it slower, and savor each turn even more.
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