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No pictures since our digital camera crapped out on us....

However, aside from that, maybe the best trip I've ever had. We rode (wife skied) at Solitude, Brighton, Park City, Snowbasin and the last (2) days at The Canyons. We had a mimimum of a reported 4" of fresh snow which was the 1st day at Solitude but it snowed all day. We had 9" at Brighton + it snowed all day, 11" at PC and 8-10"+ at Snowbasin. They had a reported 5" at The Canyons on wednesday but it seeemed like 12"+ on 9990'. We were going to do Snowbird on thursday but the snow was so good that we went back to The Canyons.

I've had great trips before where it's snowed 8 days straight but what made this special was having GREAT conditions, day after day, at MULTIPLE resorts....with my wife and kids!!!

Aside from the snow, we just had some great riding in the trees. My 11 year old son was with me EVERYWHERE including the double blacks on 9990' and Deschutes off the Tombstone lift. He did awesome!!! Of course the new snow helped a great deal but I was still totally impressed. He'll be blowing my doors off in another 2-3 years. My 13 year old daughter is on her 3rd year snowboarding and got bit by the "tree bug" this trip. She started zipping around in the aspens off the Dreamscape lift and was smiling as big as Texas!!

To top it all off, a Texas victory at the Rose Bowl....HOOK EM' HORNS BABY!!!!