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Volkl AC3 or Elan M662

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Well, i've been a big volkl fan, but see a good deal on the Elan M662 and they look like a pretty decent ski. anyone have any experience on these two??

I'm 5'-9", 210 ski mostly east but do 1 big trip a year either out west (or europe this year). only ski 10-20 days a year now, but did 5 years of 40+ so have pretty clean technique. prefer trees/ungroomed when it's skiable.

currently on Atomic B9.22 180's but not a big fan, want something with better/easier turn initiation with the same lightness of the 922.

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I sold several pair of 662/666's to people who tried out the AC3 (the dealer is across the street from me) as a demo, and compared them back-to-back. So, I know it can hold it's own. From what the testers said, the 662 was more powerful and stable. I didn't ski the Volkl, so take it for what is is worth. I can say that the 662/666 one of the best midfats out there-you aren't likely to go wrong with it.
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I'm not sure you have the right skis in your list for where you ride and what you're looking for.

I've ridden both and own the M666 (same as the 662). The AC3 is a quicker turning ski with a bit more energy and edge hold. The M666 would give you a slight bit more float and a more damp ride. The M666 is softer and skis shorter (I really like it in the bumps).

I'm thinking you should also consider something from the Nordica Hot Rod line or the Atomic M:10 or M:11. If the 922 was lighter (and you like that feeling) then you should also consider the Dynaster Legend 8000.
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Noodler is right one. You can also consider the M:B5, given your size, or the M:ex for more of a wide ski feel.
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