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I just aquired a pair of Garmont G-rides withe G-fit liners, and need to fit them. Used 10 times, never cooked.

I live along way form any big name fitter, and am not sure about the skills of the person at my local shop. (I can only find one person who claimes to be able to cook the liners for me) My concern came when he asked ME how long my liners should be heated and at what temp. This may be a very logical question but I would think a good fitter would be the one to tell me.

I shell fit them based on recomendations on the bear FAQ and feel as though I have the right size. I am very comfortable on the mountain but find that I as I get older I am looking for more comfort. What I used to call chicken I now call common sense.

I am going AT so I can go with a few of my Tele buddies without learning a new turn.

My questions are as follows.

1. How long and at what temp should this local fitter heat my liners.

2. My left foot is WAY lorger than my right so one boot feels more snug that the other Left = great fit Right = I am afraid that I may get loose after my liner break in. When these liners heat will they expand to feel better or is there some way to take up space should this become a concern.

3. Why is it that you cannot use such a boot with alpine bindings. All dimensions are the same as my nordicas.