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Whistler weekend of Feb 10th

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My wife just found out she has to attend a meeting in Vancouver the 9th and 10th of Feb. Given that I didn't think I was going to get in any skiing this year, nothing could have made me happier. We've found babysitting for our 9-month old (thanks grandma) and are planning on flying up Feb 9th and then back to North Carolina on Feb 13th depending on what we can get for flights.

We've never skied Whistler so have lots of questions.

We would plan on staying up at Whistler Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Any recommendations on lodging? We're somewhere between the hostel type and the Four Seasons type. I've heard it is about a 2 1/2 hr ride up so I'm guessing there are shuttles.

I'll start another post later about what terrain to ski, but I wanted to cover lodging/transportation first. My wife and I didn't ski at all last year as she had a baby in April. The previous year, we spent 2 months at skiing at Jackson Hole. We don't venture OB, but can handle most all inbounds things at Jackson so I'm sure we will find plenty to like in BC.

Also if any Bears will be there hopefully, we can make some turns.

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You should check out www.alluradirect.com and see what is available for the weekend you'll be there. Try to stay in Whistler Village, Village North or the Blackcomb area. There is a free bus that runs around the Whistler Village area so you shouldn't have to worry about transportation to and from your condo if you aren't in the village proper.

The properties you'll find on allura are privately own condos/townhouses. You don't have to pay hotel tax if you stay in a place booked through allura so it helps you save a little money. You also can get discounted lift tickets when booking and pick those up in the village.
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I use this shuttle company


Once you pick up your bags at baggage reclaim and walk out towards the airport you go right past their desk. Go there, they tag your bags (colour coded depending on where you are staying as they load the bus by drop offs). The bus leaves from just outside the exit door and yes it does take about 2.5 hours. It is a very scenic trip, but you can get caught in city traffic...the airport is on the opposite side of Vancouver from the road to Whistler. some buses go direct, others go into Vancouver to do hotel pick ups. Go direct if you can. The bus will drop you at or very close to your hotel.

This year we are renting via Allura .Previous years we stayed at the Delta Suites and the Pinnacle. Allura is working out cheaper, not just because of the tax, though that helps. I had no problems with either the Delta or the Pinnacle (which are opposite each other). The Delta has a good pool/hot tub, but can be a bit pricey. We got a couple of deals before, but they may not be on this year.

Allura were doing a lift ticket deal when I booked, dont know if it is still on. If not on previous years the shuttle bus company did a lift deal....book online and when you check in for the bus they give you a voucher which you exchange at the ticket window for your ticket. Worked fine the twice I used that.
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Sorry, I reread your post and it seems you may be going up from downtown Vancouver as opposed to from the airport, in which event the airport info is redundant. As you will see from the web site Perimeter pick up from selected Vancouver hotels
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Tasmen and Colin - Thanks for the links. We have stayed at many privately owned places at other resorts and been very happy with what we have gotten. We are currently considering one of the units at the Aspens which is right next to the Wizard Express Lift. Any thought on this location? It looks like it will not only be good for getting out skiing, but also for walking around.

The shuttles look like a good idea. I'm not really interested in renting a car just to drive 2 1/2 hours up bad mountain roads and back esp.. since we won't need it at the resort. My wife's meeting is right near one of the shuttle stops, so it should work out well for us. In order to minimize crowds, we are now looking at flying in on Monday Feb. 6th and skiing Tue., Wed., and maybe Thursday. I'm guessing crowds will be somewhat reduced by being there during the week instead of on a weekend. Maybe we'll get lucky and find some powder.

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In my experience there is quite a big weekend influx from Vancouver and no doubt elsewhere, so going Mon to Wed is a good idea.

The website for the resort has a map showing the various locations for condos etc


As you say Aspens is right next to the Wizard chair.....which will get you to Blackcomb but not Whistler, for that you have to go to the Village base (walk or by the free bus)

If you like the look of the place go for it. In my experience the condos you rent are in the Upper Village (where you are) or in Village North (where I usually go), either way it is a (short) walk to the village base, where you are you have the Upper Village lifts right beside you. I have not stayed in the Upper Village, but I have been there and nothing I saw would put me off, its just my habit is to go to Village North.
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From personal experience now I prefer to be in village north but if we were going for a few days and we didn't have our 2 year old then I would probably prefer to be in the thick of it in the village. If you're not too far from the main skiers plaza then you have access to both the Whistler and Blackcomb gondolas and the Fitzimmons chair if it's open. We like the Fitzimmons chair on a nice sunny morning - really wakes you up!

There's loads of hotel deals to be found especially as Christmas was a bit poor. They've been advertising $99 rates but don't know which hotels that applies to. Are you considering a hotel or are you dead set on being in a condo?

We've stayed in the Crystal Lodge, Whistler Village Inn and Suites and the Holiday Inn Sunspree and found them all to be very comfortable.

We use allura now but only because we come over from the UK and usually stay for a couple of weeks. It's much more convenient to be in a condo when you have a little one with all the extra amenities (such as an in-suite washer/dryer )

Hope you have a great time and the snow is great for you!
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The Aspens are ok, but is not really ski in/out. You do have to walk a little behind the Chateau. Although not too far away from the main village, it still is a little hike or a short bus ride. I think you might like to be in closer to the village, but I guess thats my preference.
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I've never stayed in the Aspens before but what others have said about it's location are correct. It's not actually on the run, but it's not a far walk to the run for ski in/out.

I prefer to in village if possible, but we usually end up staying on Blackcomb as there are more choices there a lot of the time that work for us.

Really anywhere you stay in the main village area (North, Upper or Blackcomb) is going to be convenient. The buses run every 10 minutes or so and are free. And even if you are at the top of Blackcomb lodging wise, it's only about a 10-15 minute walk into the village proper if you don't want to take the bus.
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[quote=mannsj][font=Times New Roman]Tasmen and Colin - Thanks for the links. We have stayed at many privately owned places at other resorts and been very happy with what we have gotten. We are currently considering one of the units at the Aspens which is right next to the Wizard Express Lift. Any thought on this location? It looks like it will not only be good for getting out skiing, but also for walking around./QUOTE]

I've stayed at Aspens many times and like the location. You can ski down to the Wizard chair on Blackcomb. So you have to walk 50 yards from the lodge to the slopes, big deal. If you want to walk to the village just walk down past the wizard chair and you are at the top of the village. The rooms are nice, with kitchens, if you want to save a bit on dining. But you should dine out at least once and have a beer at the Longhorn Saloon and try Bavaria Restaraunt for some great Swiss/German food and Chocolate Fondue for dessert.
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Change of Weather!

What is all this about? It's been snowing for a month straight and now right before my trip SUN and warm weather!

Any locals know what this might mean for Mid-mountain and above?

Alpine Recreation Forecast For The South Coast Mountains Issued By Environment Canada At 2 Pm Pst Monday 6 February 2006.
The Next Mountain Forecast Will Be Issued At 5 Am Tuesday.

Synopsis.. A Cold Front To The North Will Weaken As It Slowly Approaches On Tuesday. Generally Cloudy Conditions Will Prevail With Snow Beginning Late Tuesday.

Whistler - Blackcomb.
Tonight..Mainly Cloudy.
Alpine Low Minus 2.
Freezing Level Rising To 1200 Metres Overnight.
Mountain Top Winds South 20 Km/H Rising To Southwest 30 Gusting To 50 Overnight.
Tuesday..Mainly Cloudy. Periods Of Snow Beginning In The Evening.
Alpine High Zero.
Snowfall Amount 2 To 5 Cm.
Freezing Level Rising To 1500 Metres.
Mountain Top Winds South 40 Gusting To 70 Km/H.

Extended Forecast For Whistler - Blackcomb.
Wednesday..Periods Of Snow Ending In The Morning Then A Mix Of Sun And Cloud.
Snowfall Accumulation 5 To 10 Cm.
Freezing Level Lowering To 800 Metres.
Thursday.. A Mix Of Sun And Cloud.
Freezing Level 1200 Metres.
Friday.. A Mix Of Sun And Cloud.
Freezing Level 2000 Metres.

5 Day Trend.. Behind The Front A Ridge Of High Pressure Will Rebuild Wednesday Afternoon Bringing Mainly Sunny Skies. Freezing Levels Will Rise Through The Extended Period.
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Mid-mountain is generally crap so below is irrelevant. You will be fine. Bring sunscreen
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I just got back from 10 days in Whistler where it snowed every day, including Saturday morning when we were leaving. Snow coverage is excellent, even below mid mountain(which I only ski to go home in the afternoon and only then after some persuasion). You will have a blast, believe me. That weather report should not worry you at all, in my view......on the contrary a bit of sun might mean you can see where you are going when you get off the peak chair, which was not always the case for us
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Originally Posted by seattle_sun
The Aspens are ok, but is not really ski in/out.
Maybe I don't understand ski in/out. I stayed in the Aspens three weeks ago and you could ski right up to the hot tub. It is right on the slope. The units don't open onto the hill, but the walk is maybe 150' to the ski check. Since this is a multi story place you can't get any better. It is an easy walk down the ski hill to Blackcomb base. I found it a wonderful location.
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