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04' Rossi Bandit B2 vs. 05' Volkl AC4 vs. 04' Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Hot

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Need some help with selection. I'm 36 yr. old, 6'2" 210 lb level 7-8 Midwest skier on groomers/hardpack (likes GS turns at speed on the hardpack/groomers) who goes out west once/yr. (this year will be my second trip out west -- Aspen) and would like an all-mountain ski, to ski not only the front side of the mountain with, but take the ski off-piste into the bowls, chutes, trees. etc. when I go out west. I currently ski a Dynastar Omecarve 10 in 172 w/ Look P14 racing bindings (I think this is probably a medium to softer ski). I have an opportunity to buy the Volkl AC4's in a 184 w/ the motion piston AT bindings (Demo - $425), or the 04' Rossi B2's new in a 182 or 176 (flat -- $399, need binding help). Also can buy the 04' Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Hot w/ S912Ti bindings new in 175 or 185 ($509) at a local store. All seem to fit the all-mountain/freeride category, but was looking for any feedback comparing the models and how they ski. Unfortunately, it will be difficult for me to test these out prior to purchase, so any help on models/lengths will be helpful. Thanks much!
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Review of your ski choices...Hope this helps.


I am 200lbs..level 8-9...6'..ski out west. 35 years...a gearhead. that loves to do research on this crap!

Skied the Salomon single hot last years model..very quiet ski..almost too quiet..but easy to ski and asorbs a great deal of terrrain, however, not too great on ice or hardpack..to be honest...weak edge - like many Salomon's...better for broken snow. Skied the Bandit 2 and felt similar.

Though I have not skied the AC4 yet, I have a pair of this years 5 stars for your type of skiing that you posted..insane grip 50+mph...in a 175 and no issue what so ever...great arcs, short turns, long turns..you name it..... Volkl has the best rep for edge hold vs. your other two choices for sure. The AC4 is softer than my 5 star...but I feel...just on rep...it will outperform your other two choices and comes with one of the best short radius sidecuts around for a ski that big....knowing me..I will probably buy a pair even though I don't need em in my quiver.

I have this years Salomon Scrambler Hot...and love em. It's radius is much more aggresive and actually does the best on hardpack that I have ever seen from a Salomon AME ski. In the soft...it is insane...with a 78 waist...and aggresive sidecut...it is super fun in the tight spots and short turns in the steeps...an attribute that is getting harder to find in an all mtn. expert ski these days...(seems you read all the reviews and almost every ski out there can do "long turns")

Anyway, hope this helps.

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Thanks Danimal. I am (and had been) leaning towards the Volkl, but am not sure about the 184 length....and not sure why the length concerns me...
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I would definetly go 177.
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At your size a 184 shouldn't be to much ski.
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6'0", 205, just bought the AC3 at 177 after demoing a bunch of skis. 177 is plenty of ski and I'm happy with it but I wonder whether I should have gone 169, I think that 177 should be plenty.
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Originally Posted by Ltack18
6'0", 205, just bought the AC3 at 177 after demoing a bunch of skis. 177 is plenty of ski and I'm happy with it but I wonder whether I should have gone 169, I think that 177 should be plenty.
Im similar stats (weight/height) and ski the AC3 @ 170. The 177 should be fine and is a better choice you like to venture off piste occasionally (better fore/aft balance). The 170 is great frontside, but an Allstar may be better if that is your focus.

Enjoy, a great ski.
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My only length option for the Volkl AC4 at the price I can work is 184. So I'm looking at a 04' Rossi B2 at 182, or the 04' Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Hot at 175 w/ S912 Ti bindings...so I guess I'm still a little stuck on what to do.
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If that's your only choices. Go with the 175, the other skis are to long. I don't like the short life span on Salomons or lack of edge grip on all but there race skis. It could just be me, (not). Remember you get what you pay for.

I just got the AC4 in 170 with PCOS, I'm 185-190lbs 5'11", 51 y/o. Awesome ski. I'll have to ski it back to back with my 170cm AX3 piston to see which is better for everday in the east. I had a great day on the AC4's yesterday at Okemo, my home mt.

I know some of you are new here, but I seem to have a good feel for this type of Volkl.
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Looks like I can get my hands on the 04' Rossi B2 in a 176 length as well...only the Volkl AC4 is a 184. Still not sure if I want it in 176 or 182.
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My main ski is an '04 Bandit B2 in 176. I demo'd both 176 and 182 before buying. I liked both but ended up with the 176 because of performance in bumps (lots of bump runs where I ski). On days with deeper snow I would like to have the 182's.

I'm 5'11 and 172 lbs. So, based on your size and the fact that you will be skiing out west, I would suggest the 182. Again, you could get away with the 176, but with your size you might be sinking and having some tip diving off-piste.
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Thanks for the imput. I was leaning towards the 182, but started hedging towards the 176. Not sure why, but I feel that the 182 Rossi B2 may be more manageable than the 184 Volkl AC4. Magnoe, What bindings do you have mounted?
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I have the Rossignol 120 Power bindings. I love those turn-table bindings.
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That doesn't have a lifter, does it?
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Very small lifter. I don't think lifters will matter to you as these are freeride skis for you.

P.S. Rossignol B2's aren't very popular for some reason on this website but I love them. I don't think you can go wrong. The only time I would rather have something different underfoot is on a deep, deep powder day but I'm getting that issue addressed right now
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dmoney24 - for what's its worth i just bought a pair of '04 176 b2's. i'm about 5'10" and 175lbs, class 8, 60/40 off-piste vs on, skiing for 30 years. after about 6 days on them, i think its a good length for me for where i ski (cascades) but it is borderline on being too short. i like the length for powder, crud, bumps and steep/tight places but they are a bit 'turny' at speed on the groomers. at your height/weight, i'm thinking the 182 would be better but it depends on your preferences. have to say, i really, really love this ski - it does everything i want and more. also, i have solomon 912ti's on them and it makes for a very light weight setup. good luck - these are tough decisions but the good news is that all modern gear is terrific so you just can't make a bad choice.
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Well, it doesn't get easier... I am now thinking either the Bandit B2 (04/05') Volkl 724 Pro (04/05') in 177 (more affordable than AC4 -- and not AC4 in 184 demo which is the affordable "version" for me) or the Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Xtra Hot (03/04') in 175. It seems like the Salomon and Volkl may be completely different annimals. Anyone experience these two, along with the Bandit B2?
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The 724 series are barges compared to the AC series skis. IMO it is definately worth the extra.
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I'd love the AC4's, but too much $$$. But could pick up demos of AC4 in 184...mmm....but think 177 may be the right ski, but wrong price.
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I've skied the 724 Pro, X-Hot and B2. Of the three the B2 would be my preference. It does everything but in a non-exciting way. That's not really that bad a rap if you're planning on providing the excitement yourself by the terrain & conditions you ski. Its not going to bite you at the wrong time.

The X-Hot is a ski I just could never get to fit into my quiver. It comes alive at high speeds & does a great job doing GS turns in soft stuff. Problem is its too stiff for tight turns in soft stuff & a challenge in moguls unless you ski them zipper-line style. They're ideal for wide open bowls, not tight chutes.

The 724 Pro were my least favorite of the three. After all the hype over them I was unimpressed. I thought both the B2 & X-Hot felt more solid.
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I've been on the Xtra Hots 3 times (175), and although a nice ski, I still preferred my B2's (especially in bumps).
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Volkl 5-Star and AC4

Searching for deals on the AC4, I found this forum and thought I'd pass along my experiences with Volkl's AC4 and 5-Star. I'm 5' - 9", 180 pounds, advanced to expert depending on how my back is treating me, and ski mostly at Mammoth Mtn in a mix from off-piste to groomers -- trees, powder, packed, crud, ... anything except the steepest stuff (which is very steep at Mammoth). Loved Volkls for years beginning with the yellow Renntigers in the 80s; presently on 175 cm 5-Stars I bought last season. Awesome ski with very fast response, edge hold and rebound, great in bumps and at high speeds, too. The more you put into the ski, the more it gives you. Slice and dice. Probably not for everyone, but when you do it right this ski does almost all the work. And it's pretty easy to do it right. An advanced to expert who likes the Volkl feel will love this ski. AND it's forgiving due to its fairly soft tail.

But, being narrow under foot, the ski can be tricky in very deep snow and crud due to its inherent quickness. So 2 weeks ago I demo'd some wider boards that should be better in those conditions and hopefully fun on the packed. I thought the AC4 (170 cm) was great. Very stable and calm in powder and crud, with the characteristic Volkl edgehold, quickness (less than the 5-stars of course), and rebound. A lot of fun on groomers when you're slicing turns and drawing two lines in the snow. I thought this is a wide ski I can have fun with when the powder is chopped up and the snow is packed. Thinking longer would probably be better due to greater flotation and longer turn radius, I tried the 177 cm model (next size up) the next day. It felt like a totally different ski. Much stiffer and I couldn't get it to bend into a nice arc with good edge hold at moderate speeds (the 170s were great at this). All my turns were skidded unless I had very high speed and strong angulation to get the edge to work. A heavier skier wouldn't have this problem. So try before you buy.

Other skis I demo'd recently. Volkl All-star 175, EXTREMELY stiff, lots of skidding, no fun. Salomon Scrambler Hot 177, fore-ski and shovel too stiff for me, made the ski prefer to skid rather than carve, I've almost always thought this about Salomon skis, shorter may have been better. K2 Outlaw 167, very wide but pretty good all around ski, not too short, reassuring skidded turns on steep slopes when you don't want anything to go wrong. K2 Crossfire, good recommendations as an all-around ski from a friend, but couldn't find a pair to demo.
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