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New Salomon Extra Hot Vs K2 Axis xp

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Has anyone skied the new Salomon Extra Hot and this years Axis xp. I am interested in these skis but have not had a chance to demo them yet. I am lookiing at these skis in a 175 and 174 length. I would be interested to hear a comparison of these skis from someone who has skied them both. I ski 40+ days a year mostly at Mary Jane CO. I currently have the Axis X in a 174 and a 181 length. I use the 181 on deeper powder days but am thinking of a wider shorter ski for trees, bumps, steeps on those days. I would also like a ski that is fun to carve on cruisers. I am 46 years old, 5'11" and 164lbs. I am a good but not zipper line bump skier and can handle the chutes and trees between the black runs at MJ well. I have tried the Bandit XX in a 177 but it did not excite me. I also skied the Salomon 1080 in a 171 and liked it but wanted something a little more versatile. I also skied an X-Scream Series in a 187 for 4 years. I liked those but bought the Axis X for its quickness (maybe I should have had a shorter X-Scream). I have also started to hear good things about the new 724 Volkl. Would this also be an option perhaps in a 170 or 177 length for Mary Jane terrain? I also ski at Copper, Steamboat, and Telluride ocassionally. Thanks for any comments.
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I recently skied the Scream 10 Pilot Extra Hot in a 185. I liked the ski a lot, but don't think it would be a good bump ski. The shovel is almost as wide as the AK Rocket. Edge grip was good and I think the Xtra Hot will be a very good all-mountain ski. Haven't skied the K-2. You might also want to consider the Hot, narrower and quicker than the Xtra Hot

Hot 110/75/100

Xtra Hot 116/82/108
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I have demoed the K2 XP and I like that ski a lot nice even flex It may be a better all around ski then the Atomic R:ex The Rex does excell in many areas like edge hold at speed over the XP but XP has more turn shapes in it then the Rex and much more user friendly then The Rex in Bumps. Now as to the Hot and Extra Hot well I like my Mexican Hot Extra Hot But I know nothing about the skis.
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I chose the Axis Xp over the Extra Hot because of the stabilty of the XP. The day that i skied the Extra hot, the snow was firmer that i would have liked, and it got scary unstable when i took it up to speed. I am sure the that the Extra Hot would do just fine in deeper snow, but what ski its size doesn't? Whereas I have found the XP is able to handle Ice, powder and groomed snow better than alot of other skis out there. I skied the Extra Hot in a 185 and have the XP in a 188. Everything else aside, that whole pilot system is just plain silly. Although the graphics of the extra hot are killer!
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You might want to throw the B2 into the mix...much different than the current XX. Anyhow, I have skied the XP (ho-hum...my preference) but not the Xtra Hot. Word at Mammoth is that the Xtra Hot is damp...almost too damp. Those who shared these comments really liked the 724 Pro, though. BTW, why get the Axis X in a 174 and 181. That is like ordering vanilla ice cream in a cone and sundae...just more of the same thing. One thing is for certain, any of the ski listed are going to be a lot more ski than the Axis X, and will likely be less fun in the bumps.
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Thanks to everyone for the help. I finally got a chance to demo these in a 174 in a variety of conditions at Mary Jane last Friday. They had big clunky Marker rental bindings on them. Here is my assesment. I really liked these skis. I felt I had been on them all season from the first run (having the Axis X may have helped). I got a chance to ski them in heavy wind packed powder, loose light powder in the trees, and old crusted powder from the big storms 2 weeks ago. They rode the wind packed powder like I was on a groomed run and floated through light powder like a dream. They plowed through old crust like it wasn't there. Very short turns in tight trees were easy. They were fun and stable on the groomers although you had to keep them on edge at speed or they chattered. I was really surprised how well they performed on steep moguls runs (Outhouse, Boiler, Needles Eye). I was able to drive them through deep troughs and piles of crud with confidence. They skidded around moguls well. They are very forgiving and surprisingly quick for such a wide ski. At the same time they felt smooth and damp. The only time they were a little unruly was in very tight icy moguls (bottom of Gandy Dancer) where the tips were all over the place. I may not bother to demo other skis now. These seem to be an ideal ski for soft snow days at Colorado resorts. My only problem is none seem to be available except for next years on the web at $650 (ouch). If I can find a pair I will probably mount a Salomon 912 axe+ (10mm lift) like I have on my Axis X. Is any lift necessary? The rental bindings looked like they had a lot of lift. If I have to wait until next year I may try the Rosi B2 or the Volkls also.

By the way some one wondered why I had two pairs of Axis X's in different sizes. I bought a pair of 181s last Feburary and liked them so at the end of the season I saw a pair of 174s for $320 so I bought them as a backup in case I trashed my first pair. I ruined a pair of skis earlier at Mary Jane that year in the rocky bump runs (low snow for the last couple of years) and didn't want to be stuck having to buy a new pair at near retail prices. I ended up skiing the 174s more than the 181s by the way.
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In the previous post I was describing the K2 Axis XP.
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