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Ski/Plate/binding thickness for Masters GS

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What is the ideal total ski/binding/lift thickness for Masters GS? I know the FIS limit is 55mm, but will everyone benefit from that height? If it is a choice between 47mm and 50mm, is 50 best (this will help me determine my next plate thickness)? Again, this is for real GS racing at Masters level. Thanks for the comments.
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If you have modern GS skis and you know how to carve them through the turn, reaching FIS limits on the lifter and boot sole thickness will be beneficial.
If you are just getting into the racing at Masters level, I doubt you will notice the difference between 47 and 50 mm, especially if you are used to skiing without lifters.
BTW what is the ski and what are the lifters you are considering? Most GS skis nowadays come with the lifter plates and after you put recommended bindings on them, you are at FIS limit. The boot sole thickness is the one that usually requires more attention. Some "Carving" boots have the boot sole thickness that exceeds FIS limit. Racing boots however are built so that they are 3-5 mm under the FIS limit with the production liner allowing for custom footbeds. After your boot is fitted you can measure the actual thickness of your bootsole. Some boot manufacturers (Lange, Atomic) supply plates in different thicknesses, that can be screwed to the sole of your boot and put you right at FIS limit. Those can be obtained through the race department, and have to be installed by knowledgeable tech, since it requires some grinding.
Hope that helps

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I absolutely think being the full 55mm off of the snow in GS is an advantage over lesser lift. I would assume that nearly all World Cup racers are lifted to the maximum in GS. I have seen at many FIS races this year that a number of guys are below 55mm in slalom, but basically everyone is maxed out for GS. So take that for what its worth.

If getting to 55mm is not possible for you as you said, get your boots lifted. I have a pair of race stock Doberman's which I had lifted and they are awesome. Not only does a lifted boot give you more height, but the race stock boots do not hang over your inside edge. By this I mean that when you step into your binding with a normal boot, you will notice that the boot hangs over your inside edge. So when you really lay the skis over you will boot-out. Race stock boots solve this problem by placing the boot just about even with your inside edge. So now, you actually may "binding-out" instead of booting-out. They are not the most comforatable boots, but for racing I would not have it any other way. Any serious ski shop should be able todothisfor you. It costs about $125. I also think that they will only lift a new boot or one with a pristine sole.
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VK, my planned setup for next season is Stockli Laser GS, Vist WC 16 plate, Marker Comp 1400 EPS (no piston). I had a similar setup this year, but with the Stinflex 24 (12mm)
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