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Big Guy Skis?

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I'm 6'4' 250, not real aggressive skier, still on 15 year old straight skis. I haven't skied more than 5 times a year in the past 5 years - but the kids are getting older and I'm going to start skiing more.

I've read a bunch of threads on here and am thinking about the Atomic Izor 9:7's. These sound like interesting ski - given their room for growth for an intermediate skier. But I'm worried a light ski like this might be a problem for a big guy?? I would like something ot too bad on my fragile basketball knees...

Looking for 177cm length... Does this sound about right?

I was also hoping to find a last year's model to buy - but this appears to be a new ski... But I don't like the $699 price tag... what other options are out there similiar to this ski??

I ski in MA, NH, VT, mostly Blue Trails, maybe an easy black, but no bumps... Ice of course is plentiful in these parts...

Thanks for any advice...

On boot I like the fit/feel of 2006 Nordica Beast 10's (29.5). I did see a pair of used Beasts on Craiglist - same size - anyone know if those fit the same??

I also saw a pair of Atomic 8.18's 180 length, new - but a couple years old on eBay for $99 - and 9.19's for $149 can anyone compare these to the new Izor 9:7's? I don't get the feeling they are that similiar...

I bought a pair of Rossignol RPM 17's (for $85) which is a bargin - but after reading it doesn't sound like the right ski for me... too advanced and unforgiving... Would you agree?

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Hi Jb,

I'm a big guy (was 250, 215 now) and I ski New England when visiting my daughter in Vermont. You need a well made ski for a heavier person that is good on ice and variable conditions. the ski should also be able to skid or carve a turn, since your coming off of straight skis.

I would consider a Head Monster 70 in a 177cm size. Strong edge grip, good in soft (but not deep) snow for your size. A top intermediate to advanced ski. This is a good deal for a ski & binding combo of this quality, expect the price to go to $300 (about).

http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Head-2005-Monster-i-M-70-RF2-Skis-177cm-w-sld11-bnd_W0QQitemZ8745119912QQcategoryZ62183QQssPageNam eZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Hope that helps,

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