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Flexon sizing question

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I'd like to know how the sizing for Raichle Flexon shells goes.
Most manufacturers use one size shell for two different sized inner-boots.I guess raichle does the same...
question is:
Same shell for 9 and 9'5 size?...OR
Same shell for 8'5 and 9 size?
The boots are the older pinkshell+yellow tongue,slalom comp written on them.
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By mc "Same shell for 9 and 9'5 size?...OR"
Yes. The Footboard thickness determines the size of the boot. The liners come in full mondopoint sizes and are stretched as neccesary.
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LB is right and I found to go down a size. I am a 9-9.5 street shoe, I am in a 301mm Raichle shell. 301 is a 8-8.5 in Raichle-ese.
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They didn't have 9 size and the 8'5 was unbearably tight so i went for the 9'5s.I'll add a thin "spacer" to decrease the volume a bit.
What a steal,i got them NEW for 30 bucks!.
Thanks for the info,helped me a lot.
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