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Whats ur fav.

Poll Results: What do u like?

  • 13% (9)
  • 4% (3)
  • 3% (2)
  • 1% (1)
  • 24% (16)
    Just plain old trails
  • 29% (19)
  • 23% (15)
    Powed in the Back Country
65 Total Votes  
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What do u like?
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What's the difference between "slopestyle" and "park", and why must you choose only one? What exactly is the point of this poll? And why can't you actually type out "you"?
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What is powed?
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Flawed poll, you should have listed as a choice, all of the above.
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All of the above, except park. Park looks fun and all, but it's too slow to thrill me, and there is too much wait time. The jumps could be fun though, but I can't see waiting in line to go over them, much better to hit a roller at 50 mph.
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I love the "powed". Especially powed in the front country
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I prefer GS snolerblading, which sadly, is not an option in this hurtfully biased poll.
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I go for powed wherever I can find it. Too bad I can't find it lately.
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I suppose I prefer the "plain old trails." I went through the park once. I didnt go on anthing. I just went around everything that wasn't there at the time. All they had was a few rails. And guess what?...I didn't do them. Yeah! u no rossi
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I prefer plain old trails as well. I did the same thing when I went through a park. I was too much of a wuss/didn't care to try the jumps,etc. I just like to ski, that's all. Maybe a tiny snow bump here and there, but nothing radical.
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier
What is powed?
Powed is what you get if you aren't very good at glade skiing.....

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also add:


/sometimes :
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No "Bumps"?
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wut da hek y cant u juz ansr hte plol?

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Only allows one choice
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