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Dosi Doe

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(the following is said with a proper British accent. One that is upscale and superior...not guttersnipe.)

When we talk about Dorsi-flexion (not to be confused with the exhaustingly and mentally draining popular American folk dance The Dosi-Doe) we are referring to the Dorsal Talonavicular ligament which roughly connects the bottom of the shin bone to the top of the foot. When we contract this tendon, or dorsi-flex, we are, in essence, pulling the top of the foot upwards....However, I must clarify somewhat as I do not want the Dorsal Cuboidnavicular, Cuneonavicular, Intercuneiform, Tarsometatarsal or Calcaneocuboid 1 to be left out of the equasion. They are all Dorsal ligaments and act in concert with the aforementioned Talonavicular.

I say "Huzzah" to all the dorsal ligaments of the feet.!

So, Please, please when mentioning to your fellow co-patriots about this amazingly popular phenomenon, please dont forget the "r" in Dorsi. Otherwise you will confuse and alienate the "quaint" country folk you Americans find so warming.
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Dorsi is where its at ;-)

Damn, I love this! Since I'm the JargonKing, I'm going to get all over this. I used to just tell my students to pick up the big toe, this is WAY better
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