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I have always hated over the glasses goggles. As soon as I stop moving the glasses always fog up no matter what goggles I’ve tried. Last month I purchased a pair of Panoptx Raptor CV Rx Sunglasses. These glasses are wrap around style and they come with a foam eyecup that snaps into the frame. The eyecup turns the glasses into “mini-goggles.

I skied for a week at Crested Butte and Monarch with my new glasses and they never fogged up at all. One of the days it was snowing and blowing pretty hard and the glasses preformed wonderfully. The grey polarized lenses I selected were too dark for flat light conditions but were excellent in the sun. I ordered another pair today with dawn-dusk transitions lenses. Now I’ll be able to simply carry the pair I’m not wearing in my pocket and switch glasses when light conditions change or if I step into the lodge for a bite to eat.

The glasses cost about $400.00 a pair, but they double as everyday sunglasses without the foam eyecup. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.