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Originally Posted by Gotama
Does anyone have the beta on the new AURA from Volkl?

Is it wider than the Mantra??More sidecut?

Thanks in advance.
Women's ski. lighter version of Mantra.
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Originally Posted by Ladede
Dang. Next year's i.XRC 1200 looks very sweet: more waist, tighter turn radius. This is the ski I want just now (I just ordered this year's 1200, which looks like next year's Supershape; is Head rotating names?). It would be oh so sweet at Alpental (PNW) in everything (I'll make this year's 1200 work too, I'm sure).

What is the weight of the Monster Alpinist? Given the name, is it an attempt from Head to compete in the backcountry / ski mountaineering market (like Dynastar has their Altitrail line)?

The 1200 SW becomes the Superspeed, the new 1200 and 1400 are sandwich skis, 69mm waist. The Alpinist is very light, with a P-tex topsheet (so snow doesn't collect if you wax it).
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Originally Posted by Noodler
Oh so that's the name of the new Elan skis - Speedwave 12 and Speedwave 14 (I could barely tell that was a 14 on the ski!). Do you have any more info on these Dawg? They sure look like they're cut from the new super sidecut cloth. What's the "wave" thing about? Those are some serious "ripples" on the topsheet.
The Speedwave on the topsheet is a sort of vibration dampening. It is claimed that vibrations can be absorbed without deadening the feel of the skis (like a carbon fiber bike: it can be made to absorb chip-seal by varying the lay-up, while still remaining very stiff out of the saddle and during acceleration, which was not really that possible with aluminum or titanium). Also, it is said that it enhances lateral stiffness while allowing the ski to flex longitudionally (a common goal among all ski manufacturers). Also, the Speedwave series features a thicker ski underfoot, which allows the Fusion to be mounted deeper into the core of the ski for less lateral flex at the binding. It certainly looks very cool, but I am worried that hacks will chop up their edges if they repeatedly crash and cross their skis. Note to renters: if your tips are constantly coming into contact with each other, loosen up and don't lock the feet together. We don't ski in a Wedel-style anymore!
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier
Curse Salomon for taking up the Neox after the aquisition... Curse them. There are now 13 pairs of bindings in my family that are obsolete... Time to switch to Marker I guess.
PLEASE tell me that something in there is a Typo!

- Paul
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Nordica is also introducing at least 3 skis in the Supercharger line; the ignition, enforcer and blower (84, 95 and 110 in the waist). Enforcer and blower are built like race boards and the ignition is designed for park and pipe. Kick ass big skis!!
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Originally Posted by StormDay
Women's ski. lighter version of Mantra.
Those look pretty sweet.

I'm just really bummed out about the added sidecut on the Gotama. The sidecut is perfect just like it is. Plus - white topsheets on a powder ski?
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K2 Pontoon

BTW the new K2 Pontoon is 160-130-120. It is flat camber ( not negative) and rockered. Biggest problem with the ski is finding a brake wide enough. I think Marker will make 135 mm brake for next season.
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06-07 K2 Seth's

Anyone know the details on the new version of the Seth Vicious, lengths, width?
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Originally Posted by skifaster
Anyone know the details on the new version of the Seth Vicious, lengths, width?
Fairly certain everything is unchanged. Very seldom does a ski company change a brand new ski the year after its debut.
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Originally Posted by CanuckInstructor
If you're talking with the Head rep, perhaps you could ask him what the difference between the 1200 SW and the i.Race is supposed to be? The 05/06 versions have the same laminate construction, dimensions, lengths, and plate - does the i.Race have a different internal construction, and what was the reasoning behind making it almost identical to the 1200 SW? Are there any changes to either for next year?
I asked this same Q of a Head rep and he said that the iRace is a bit stiffer in the tip region. Go and tell.... as you say, the specs are identical. I would not be surpriced if they were the exact same ski with a different top laminate.
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Noodler, I assume you've seen


by now.

I am a bit fascinated by that thing on the very right of http://www.freeride.nu/content/image.php?id=1195 - looks like a NNN NIS Skate ski (Skatefire?) and matching boot. Makes me wonder about other things nordic.
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2006-2007 Atomic SX B5

Has anybody seen the 06-07 SX B5? Are there any differences between this years and next years? Any pictures avaliable?
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2007 Rossignol

I stopped by my local shop to pick up a pair of Nordica Jet Fuels for a weekend demo and also got a look at a wild new Rossi design.

Its called the MUTI X and its bright orange.

The interesting part is it comes with a little briefcase-like organizer that contains 2 sets of 4 (a front and back pair for each ski) torsion rods along with the tools to exchange them.

They attach at the front and rear of the binding mounting plate are are deignated SHORt ( for slalom like turns) or LONG (for more GS large radius characteristics).

The ski itself is 118-70- 106 approximately ( I can't really remember).

My friend had skied 'em Wednesday and was really impressed.
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Reviving the thread for more info...

Dawgcatching - What info do you have on the new Elan M Series ski that looks like it's a twin tip that's black with a "chained" heart on the tip? It looks like there's a female specific version of it too.

P.S. I answered my own question (and saw your review) - it's the M02.2 and it sure sounds like you weren't as impressed with it as the M777.
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