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Straight Skis to Shaped Skis?

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I haven't skied for over 10 years.
Since it became apparent to me that I needed to change all my gear, I changed from Nordica to Head Edge 9.8 boots, and Kneissl White Star 180 (straight skis: ) to last year's Head MPulse 3.7 160.

I am 140lb, 5'4", and a level 7 old school skier.
Did I get the right gear? What kind of difference should I expect?

All responses would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
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Biggest difference is how the skis are made to turn. Take a lesson to be shown how to do so and you will have more fun than trying to apply what you used to know.
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At 140lb, I would have thought that around a 150cm ski would have been more appropriate.
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I'm just making the same transition this year. At first I didn't really feel a difference except the skis were much shorter than I was use to. I took a lesson on the first day which helped some, but I still didn't feel as big of a difference as I expected. The second day I started to feel turns coming to me easier than with the old skis, but on the third day the difference really kicked in when I got the hang of carving/arcing. Someone here had suggested putting the skis on edge and trying to go straight. This was the best thing I did and it really helped me grasp the new technique.
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Thank you guys!
I did have a sneaking suspicion that 150 might be the right length, so thank you for confirming this suspicion. The store person didn't seem to want to look for me, and said that 160 is the right length. Stupidly, I believed him!

I'll try to get a lesson, and have in mind to practice by trying to be on the edges while going straight.

The new ski technology is mind blowing to me! I'm excited to try them out. Your imputs have been much appreciated!
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You will be ok on the 160, though 155 might be better to learn on. My only beef is that the Mpulse 3.7 is really a first-time learner ski. If you have previous experience you will outgrow it quickly.
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if you haven'tskiedinadecade...

go to 'youcanski.com'...the best in print how to i've found (imho)

Skis don't go sideways anymore, so length in intermediate skis is not as critical...because you're only dealing in 150-165 cms the 'pivot to the rescue' is not as big a problem. Sharp and beveled edges are a factor.

Try roller blade turns on a beginner slope...No pivot-only edging.
(Equal edging... so boot-work and alignment are much more critical)

Down-unweighting and Inclination... followed by Angulation...Steering is now accomlished by pressure control and edge-angles.

Sketch if you must the steeps and race the flats.

Notice how the skis make no noise and the speed increases to vision blurring as the g-forces crush you: its the high side or the trailer-hitch.
Beware of ACL damage (and flattened arches)
such a gas!
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!OMG! go with the shaped i think ul like 'em
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skicrazed, where do you live? We may be able to help recommend instructors to guide you in this discovery. It will be a new set of sensations!
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I live in Western Massachusetts.
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Originally Posted by Skicrazed
I live in Western Massachusetts.
Where do you ski?
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I ski locally. I'm going to try Berkshire East, only 40 minutes away, a small mountain, this weekend. I like to ski Mt Snow
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I initially wanted to buy Salomon Equip 10 SC, but the store person said it is too much ski for me. Do you think so? I'm level 7.
I also looked at youcanski.com, and obtained much useful information.
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