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Atomic SX:11

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Who has skis them and how do you like them? I just ordered a pair of the Nordica Beast 92 SS for the powder and soft days and I want something for all the other days where I am not in the backcountry. I want something versitle enough that I can take off pist, bumps, and terrain park but holds a good edge and can rip the groomers and go fast. I am an instructor and not a racer but I do have good form. Also I am a 200lb, 23 year old that spends the off season in the gym so I need a rather stiff ski that I will not overpower. Any help would be great.
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Not sure how they ski, but they make my eyes hurt. Owww.. :
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I just bought a pair! I have heard from 2 very good skiers, who work in the industry, that the SX:11 may be one of the best skis ever made.

Same construction as the GS:11 Race ski with a bigger footprint and more sidecut!
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Hi All,

I have been considering this ski. I would place my level as a advanced intermediate/expert. I tryed the atomic 9.18 last year and liked it, but would like something that is a little more all around.

Dumb newbie question, is the SX:11 the ski for me?


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