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Whistler to Silver Star in winter

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Hi all. New to this forum and hoping to pick your brains about travelling in BC in winter. We (me, husband and 2 year old daughter) are going to be based in Whistler but would like to make a trip to Silver Star to visit some family friends. Now the options as I see it (bearing in mind we'll be travelling with a little one who will get easily bored) are either to hire an SUV or something similar (as we'll have so much stuff) and drive there or to get down to Vancouver airport, fly to Kelowna and then get a transfer. My preference is the former as we'd be able to take more and the flying option would still involve a fairly long drive to Vancouver anyway. Am I being realistic? We'd probably go in March but maybe February.

How long do you think it would take us to get there and what conditions are we likely to encounter in March? i.e. would the roads be fairly clear?

Also if anyone has any extra info, anecdotal or otherwise, about SS that I can't find on their website then I'd be very grateful. We'd be using their childcare services so if anyone has experience of that I'd love to hear it.

Many thanks in advance for any input/advice.
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If you're already in Whistler, the quickest way to drive to SS is by NOT going through Vancouver but by going north through Pemberton, over the Duffy Lakes Road through Lillooet, Cache Creek, Kamloops and onto Vernon / Kelowna and SS. It'll take you about 7 hours from Whistler in good weather. If you go through Vancouver, add at least 2 hours' travel time.
While HWY 99 to Kamloops isn't as well travelled as the Coquihalla etc from Vancouver, it is still well maintained and absolutely spectacular scenery (maybe it will help with the little one's boredom?).
You definitely want to rent a decent winter vehicle (as in winter tires).

I can't speak to the daycare situation in SS, however.

If you need more info on the drive, just let me know.
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I made the drive from Vancouver to Silver Star, and Silver Star to Whistler about 4 years ago this February in a Hyundai Accent.

Take the route that littleleg has mentioned. We took that one to Whistler from Silver Star, and the scenery was AMAZING. Many picture ops.

The Coquihalla was a nice drive, but not nearly as nice as hwy 99.

As for weather, and driving conditions...I was in an older model Hyundai Accent, and we were fine. The weather service was pretty good at predicting the storms as well.

Silver Star was great. Preferred it to Whistler in some ways. Price, and the lack of crowds were great. Stuck to the trails at s/s. There is really some nice terrain. There is also a grocery store in downtown Vernon that used to sell discounted tickets. They would throw in bagged lunches with ticket purchases - fresh made sandwiches, snacks, pop, etc. Not sure if they still do, but it was really nice.
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I think you'll really like Silver Star. It's a great mountain and it is a place that caters to families. I have no experience with it, but I would guess that the daycare facilities are good.
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littleg and draino, thanks for the info on the drive to SS. I guess that's the bit that's worrying me the most as when I talked about it last year to some friends in Whistler I got the impression that the road was very difficult. I think we'll probably go in March (hoping that the roads would be more likely to be a bit clearer then but you can't plan the weather!) I thought it would be more like 7 hours-ish and we've already planned on taking all day to get there with a morning start and a few stops en-route so the little one can stretch her legs.

And it's nice to hear that SS is such a great resort! I'm really excited about going over there now! Especially to try somewhere other than Whistler.

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