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Nordica boots - K 7.1

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Anyone know anything about these boots? I went to my local shop and tried on Salomon xwave 9.0's which weren't the right fit for me and the guy told me the the k 7.1's would be a great boot, and since they were last yr's model, the price was reduced substantially - $300. The fit was perfect and they seem to be a great boot. Simple design, no fancy stuff, just a solid boot. Any thoughts on it? He said they were stiffer than this yr's k 7.2's, but I can't find any literature on em.
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The k7.1 great boot bad fit for me that's why I went with the x-wave 9.0. The K 7.1 is a no frills boot , I think skimag.com has a gear review on it .
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I ski last years W9.1's and Mrs. Skicrazy skis W5.1's. They are much lighter than my old Grand Prix C-Xtremes and give a similar flex and support. If you keep 'em warm before you put 'em on, they go on like slippers. If they are cold, good luck. The K's are slightly stiffer than the W's, and this years 7.2's flex the same as last years 5.1's. Mrs. Skicrazy has about 50 days on hers and she has had zero problems. You can have the liners heated for a custom fit, but we have found that they naturally form fit as you break them in.
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Man In Women"s Boots

I was shocked to see that the boots I purchased the other day were Women's boots. Dpoes this matter? i wanted some stiff boots; these were the right price and a phenomenal fit. what do y'all think about gender specific ski boots?? are there any differences in design?
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Rubedog...Make sure that the sole of the K 7.1 is not warped. Put them on a flat surface and see if they wobble. I know Nordica had a problem with some of these.
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