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Ski with yd weekend.

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I'm sending out my home phone via pm to any one who requests it. I'll be in the cafeteria at the Snow Park Lodge on the mornings of Jan 7, 8 from about 8:30 to 9:30. To find me look for the hat. The hat is old, beat up, and pretty disgusting. Only one like it in the room (and I'll grab a obvious table) and that's me under it. Looking forward to meeting some bears.

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Thanks for the call.....I'll see you Saturday !

Thanks !!!
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Let me know if you guys are going to get together apres ski and where. I will see if I can stop by after the avy course I'll be at. Yd, I'll PM you with my cell phone.
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Randy, Send me a PM I should be able to meet up on Sunday.
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Thanks again

sonja_sonja and I skiied with Ydnar yesterday. Thanks again for the wonderful instruction and taking the time on your days off to teach some skills to us schmoes.
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There are good lessons, there are dud lessons, there are fun ones, frightening ones, and everything in between. For me, the real test of a lesson's benefit to my skiing is, can I use what I learned today, and will I remember to use it again tomorrow and everytime I ski?

I had the pleasure of skiing with the Ydnar group yesterday and practiced some of what I learned during my runs today. The simple cues Yd provided, the demonstrations, the opportunities to practice immediately what we heard and saw were easily recalled today on my own. Even better, I could remember what to do, how it should feel, and lock it in.

My thanks to Ydnar for a wonderful day and to all the group members who so patiently waited for me each run! Utah Bears rock!
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