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Mogul instructors in Seattle area?

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Does anyone know where I can find school or instructor who offers mogul lessons at any place around Seattle? I'd like to find someone who can teach competition style mogul skiing. There was a guy at Stevens pass with a website named something like "GForce Freestyle" but I can not find him anymore. If you know the person I'm talking about please let me know.

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White Pass has a freestyle team and has a blue mogul course being hammered out. Including several well qualified instructors.

Crystal Mt has moguls and also a strong depth of skilled qualified instructor base, not familiar with their special teams programs tho...

Stevens Pass has fewer moguls but last I recall the Big Chief yellow chair is nearly all moguls and are sure to also have a strong depth of qualified instructors.

I doubt Snoqualimie has much in the way of big or steep moguls but Alpintal is likely to... haven't been to either place in years.

I'm nearly certain you could also make the trek to Canada to find some but you seem like your looking for a day trek so those are about your best bets...
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SkiDog, thank you, good information. I did not know about White Pass program, I doubt if I'd go for it, White Pass is 3 hours drive from where I live. I'll try to contact people in charge there, they may know more about similar programs at other areas.
Actually Stevens Pass has a lot of bump runs, most runs from 7th Heaven chair, some bumps under Tye Mill chair and a lot of bumps on backside. At the same time AFAIK there are no bump-specific instructions there...

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In my experience there are very few instructors that can really ski the bumps well. But if they are level III certified then they can probably ski them well enough to demonstrate some key concepts which may help your skiing even if you are a better overall bump skier than they are. Seriously.
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ditto -a superb mogul instructor should be able to hammer out the bumps in freestyling style,(if you got it man lets see it) if thats what you want to learn there are several tricks to getting it right, thats way you don't see mucho hombre hammerin them out like a shock absorber-----go to a mogul camp...................
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Whistler runs mogul camps in the summer run by Chuck Martin called "MOGULLOGIC". http://www.mogullogic.com/ Instructors are all World Cup athletes, and Students range from WC level, down to strong intermediate. They separate the groups really well. I took his 2 day travelling seminar on the east coast twice, and it really helped. I was watching the Olympics and saw one of my coaches from that camp, Bob Aldigheri, on TV, found out he is now Head Coach of the Canadian team. Many of my friends have also been to his summer camp.. I'm not sure if they're in you're area in the winter, but E-mail them and find out, they're worth looking into.

I found another in your area on the internet, but don't know anything about them http://www.bigairandbumps.com/

I'm sure there's more....
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Only here will you find people who actually wanted to be like Stacey Hatch. I think he and his "partner" now run a Two Man Luge camp.
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