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Good AT Ski for NW Volcanoes?

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My first post here. What a wealth of information. At 53 I'm finally going to combine my climbing/hiking passion with skiing. (5'8" 170#) My Dynastar Intuitiv 182s are great on the groomers but looking for something to mount some Fritschis on for Muir and Palmer snowfields as well as south side of Adams in late spring conditions. (Highly variable, maybe pow up high, icy in the AM softening to corn in the middle, slush and sun cups down lower.) Oh.. BTW, I also want to use it on powder days in and around Mission Ridge ski area (Am I asking for too much in 1 ski?) Based on the threads here (and my brand loyalty?) the 8800 at 178 are my first choice, but I've yet to see any drop in the price anywhere. Something cheaper perhaps? What about the Foils?
Would like to hear what folks have used on those slopes in late spring.
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Well, you could do what I'm doing and look for a Dynastar Inspired on Ebay. The Inspired is the predecessor to the 8800 and skis very, very much the same.

Great ski for your purpose.

We're looking for the same length, of course, so I hope you don't beat me to a pair.
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Geez Bob - I'm looking for Inspired's too in that same length. You don't want one in JH - with all that low moisture content snow. Won't you rather let a poor PNW'er get one?

Skiing Baker, Garibaldi, Wedge and other spring tours I've used a light pair of Atomic 9.22's (72mm waist - 177 length) mounted with Diarmir IIs- mainly because they're light and I've really enjoyed the weight when bootpacking. I got some Goode extra versatiles (90mm waist - 183 length) last year. They're slightly lighter but for chute skiing I'm sticking with the Atomics because they have a slight flip tail and I go back and forth in chutes all the time. The goodes have a flat tail and get hung up in tight spots.

NOTE for PNW volcanoes there tends to be some bootpacking for non-trad routes so I will cut back on length to save weight and make the ski a little easier to move around in trees when touring and on the pack. Your preference may be different.

The Inspireds are NOT light but if you want a one ski to do it all then theyre freaking awesome skis. I'm 5' 11" 170 lbs and like them best in the 178. Just the right combination of crud-W/S busting and powder flotation yet can handle traverses and edge well on icy crap.

I also have a pair of Kneissl Tankers (90mm waist - 180 length) mounted AT for sidecountry tours and BD Havocs mounted tele for when I feel like knee-dropping meadow-skipping. I tend to use the Havocs for mellow tours where i do a lot of traversing and glacier navigating up and down but they're a simply amazing combination of lightweight and edge-hold also. I use the BD Havocs in 173. Its a twin tip and a worthy alternative to the Inspired and is a 89mm waist.

I wouldn't recommend the Tankers for Volcano trips - they're a boat anchor but touring on them sure is making me fit. They like straight lines and big fast turns

Other skis I've tried that combine relatively light-weight and crud-busting and versatility in your weight - class are as follows:

Atomic R:ex - 10:ex (177length 84 mm waist)
Rossi XX - 76mm waist (177 length) NOTE - didn't think the XXX or B3 were very versatile and too hard to turn for guys in our weight class )

There are lots of those skis in swap meets and used so you don't need to get new stuff.
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Go exotic

You might want to take a look @ these.
Sending you to a TGR link about the new 179 CM PM Gear Bro models.

I own the 188's I recommend.

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I picked up some 178 8800's for $350 delivered this fall. Nice easy ski, fairly light. But I AT on the 177 REX, feels much lighter, but doesn't handle the really deep as well.
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I have the K2 Shuksans from a few years ago mounted with Dynafit Comfort bindings. I think they are great for the PNW volcanoes: they're light and handle the crud/pow/corn/windblown/etc very well. I really enjoy the carving and lightness enough to use them for my regular everyday ski at my local hill. I got the skis on sale at the end of the season for $199 3 years ago. My only regret is that I didn't buy two pairs.
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